Sneaky teen shares hack to chat with girlfriend after 9pm curfew – without phone

Sneaky teen shares hack to chat with girlfriend after 9pm curfew – without phone


A woman has exposed her sibling's cheeky way to chat with his girlfriend when she was not allowed to use her phone.

She posted his trick on TikTok, showing him typing in a document rather than sending a text message.

"My little brother's girlfriend looses phone privileges after 9pm, so they 'chat' on Google Docs every night," she explained.

Her brother looks up at her, beaming with a smile before looking down on his phone again to check for a reply from his girlfriend.

Her video amassed more than 1.6 million views and many viewers were impressed by the hack.

One called them a "cute couple" for messaging each other on Google Docs.

Meanwhile, another wrote: "So smart, especially if you do it at the bottom of an essay so it looks like you've just been working on that, but really you're not."

A third added: "There's nothing like that as first love!"

Some said they used to pull similar tricks to avoid their parents' prying eyes, with one viewer commenting: "They took away my phone privileges away when I was dating my now-husband and well, let's just say I learned how to email pretty well using the school WiFi."

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"When there's a will, there's a way," a fifth added.

In other news, a man has found a way to leave a "warning message" when he was asked to leave his date's house.

The woman found lipstick markings underneath her toilet seat, with a short note saying "she is effing her ex, run".

Another woman said she got a nasty shock when she searched her date's name on Google and discovered he had allegedly been arrested on kidnapping charges.

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