Shoppers can't help laughing at B&M's 'well-endowed' reindeer decoration

Shoppers can't help laughing at B&M's 'well-endowed' reindeer decoration


Shops are full of Christmas decorations right now but one mum and her daughter got a bit of a shock when they picked up a seemingly cute reindeer and spotted he’d been given the outline of a penis.

Sian and Natasha Collinson were browsing the aisles at B&M’s Shiremoor branch on November 6, when they lifted the £10 ornament to look at it.

Natasha only noticed the ‘unexpected package’ on the ceramic white decoration as they placed it back on the shelf, causing the pair to have fits of giggles around the rest of the shop.

Although the 38-year-old cook left without buying it, her photos amassed more than 10,000 likes, comments and shares on Facebook – and she later went back to the store to get one.

Sian, of Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, said: ‘My daughter picked it up and said “oh this ornament’s really cute” and whilst she was putting it back it caught her eye if you like.

‘We were shocked, but it was a funny shock – we’re not prudish or anything.

‘It’s something that you wouldn’t expect to see on any ornament – when we saw it we thought really, on a reindeer?

‘On inspection of that one we looked at a few others and realised they were all the same – I’d like to know who actually put them on – whose job was that?

‘We were like two kids and giggled all the way around the shop – we kept looking at each other and laughing because we couldn’t believe what we saw.’

Her post about it has amassed more than 10,000 likes, comments and shares.

Sian said: ‘I shared it on Facebook just for a laugh and to just to cheer everybody up.

‘After the post has had so much attention and everybody was like ‘I hope you’ve bought it’, I thought you know what – we’re going to.

‘It would definitely give my family a bit of a laugh if that was around the house – I think we’re going to buy my mother-in-law one as well.

‘The comments are brilliant – some were saying it’s quite human-like, and I thought yeah that’s about right.’

Michelle Blackburn said: ‘An all-new meaning to getting nuts for Christmas.’

Tina Barnes added: ‘The best tenner I spent this year – love it.’

Narelle Hardy remarked: ‘Imagine barbies Ken with a 5mm slong.’

Katherine White commented: ‘I’ve just checked mine – it’s a boy too.’

A B&M spokesperson said: ‘We don’t want to come across as cocky but we think we’ve got the best range of decorations on the high street this year!

‘Our stag ornament has sold really well – we can’t help but think it’s because of his big personality.’

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