Sexpert shares ‘creepy’ difference between how men and women flirt with her

Sexpert shares ‘creepy’ difference between how men and women flirt with her


Nadia Bokody shares candid sex advice online – and has attracted a legion of online admirers as a result.

But according to the Australian love guru, the messages she receives from male and female fans are very different.

While women shower her with kind comments and compliments, men tend to approach in a much more aggressive manner.

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The relationships writer, who came out as lesbian a couple of years ago, said she's sent unsolicited d*ck pics and crude messages.

She told "If I never have to open another DM from a guy detailing his masturbatory session over me again, it’ll be too soon."

Unsurprisingly, the lewd clips don't go down well with Nadia.

Instead of making her feel wanted, she sees the X-rated videos as an attempt to exert power over her.

The journalist wrote: "It’s always been unclear whether these images and messages are supposed to garner my attention and gratitude, or if they’re actually just aimed at asserting control via the complete and total decimation of my boundaries.

"Regardless, I’ve never closed out of one of them feeling flattered or empowered.

"More often than not, I’ve emerged with the sense the man on the other side of the screen sees me as an object he’s entitled access to by default of his sexual interest in me."

While some of the DMs she receives from women can be cheeky, Nadia says they take care not to appear "creepy".

But contrastingly, men "often appear unaware" that they could be "making (her) feel intimidated or violated".

Then when Nadia rejects them, she's branded an "ungrateful b*tch".

Thankfully, the writer doesn't let these keyboard warriors hold her back.

Recently, she got the last laugh after a troll said she "overestimates how hot she is".

Meanwhile, Nadia defied a hater who cruelly called her "pudgy".

And in another instance, she blasted a troll who said "no man will ever want her".


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