Sex-mad bloke with eight wives admits ‘bills are the worst thing about it’

Sex-mad bloke with eight wives admits ‘bills are the worst thing about it’


A sex-mad bigamist with eight wives and an intercouse schedule says his weekends with his partners are "a lot of fun," but joked the worst thing about having several spouses is the bills.

OnlyFans star Arthur O Urso, from Brazil, hit headlines last year after he married his nine wives in a joint ceremony.

He aimed to "celebrate free love" and "protest against monogamy" – but the nuptials weren't legally binding as polygamy is illegal in Brazil.

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Even still, he lives with eight of the women, after one of them left the love fest.

Like any marriage, multiple partners or not, there are ups and downs.

Telling the Daily Star what the best thing about his set up is, Arthur said: "The best thing is the sexual freedom and companionship we have together. Our weekends are a lot of fun."

However, he did say in jest that the bills can rack up. "The worst thing is the bills (jokes), but we can handle everything!" he continued.

His relationship configuration has attracted a lot of attention, especially from older generations in his native Brazil, where he lives in one house with his wives.

"The older generation thinks it's absurd, but I don't deal with other people's opinions. Deep down I think they wanted to experience something like that too," he said.

Arthur, who said his wives "all demand attention, affection and sex to be part of our everyday life", added that he still works on a sex schedule.

"I still have a sex schedule so I can please everyone. We take turns in the room, as they don't always sleep together. We have a very complete agenda and we follow it rigidly," he added.

He added further that the wives never get jealous of each other because they're all friends.

He said: . "There's no jealousy in our relationship. All the wives get along very well, they are friends with each other.

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"Our dialogue is very strong and crucial for our routine to work. We must be true all the time. If someone is jealous, that feeling should be open with everyone.

"But so far we haven't had that kind of problem."

He said the kickstarter for his way of life was a desire to life away from the norms imposed by society.

"I believe that free love should be more experienced by all people. There is an inner fear that prevents a person from getting out of a monogamous relationship because that is what has been imposed in our culture.

"I say people cannot be afraid," he said.


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