Self-love Influencer shares the reality behind glamorous holiday bikini pictures

Self-love Influencer shares the reality behind glamorous holiday bikini pictures


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An influencer and life coach shared the reality behind her stunning holiday Instagram pictures.

Michelle Elman, who brands herself as the 'queen of boundaries', shares an open post addressing what it's like battling health issues alongside being an active influencer on social media.

She labels her post 'Instagram vs. Reality', sharing a heartfelt message to her 201,000 followers on how she's really doing.

The influencer writes: "It's hard to balance being sick and living your life and Insta makes it impossible.

"Since October I've been battling some tough health stuff and I don't love talking about it but when it becomes a lot of your life, it's hard to talk about anything else."

She continued: "At the moment I get bursts of energy and bursts of pain so I live my life as much as I can in between.

"Some people cherry pick that and then think I’m lying when I say I can’t go for dinner or don’t have energy for a night out.

"Being private also means I don’t justify my illness anymore so if you want to think I’m a sh*t friend, think that."

The positivity influencer concludes her post saying: "If you actually ask me, I will tell you the real reason but if you don’t give me enough grace to ask instead of assuming, then you don’t deserve to know the true reason."

Michelle has always been open and honest with her audience, publishing her self-belief book The Joy of Being Selfish in 2021, which addresses and celebrates the idea of putting yourself first.

She shares heartfelt messages and advice on self love and positivity on her Instagram after having 15 surgeries as a child, from a brain tumour, punctured intestines to obstructed bowels.

As well as being an author, Michelle is also an award-winning activist who is known for her Scarred not Scared campaign on Instagram, where she shares how she has grown to love her scars and encourages people to do the same.

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