Samantha returns to Sex and the City – was it worth it?

Samantha returns to Sex and the City – was it worth it?


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This story contains spoilers for the season two finale of And Just Like That.

It may have only been one scene. It may not have featured anyone else from the cast. And it was indeed only a few lines of dialogue. But Samantha has officially returned to the Sex and the City universe.

Kim Cattrall in her much-anticipated comeback as Samantha Jones in the season two finale of And Just Like That. Credit: Screenshot

After months of hype, Kim Cattrall reprised her iconic role as Samantha Jones in the season two finale of And Just Like That. In the first season of the reboot, it was explained that Samantha had moved to London after a falling-out with Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker).

In season two, Samantha has continued to be referenced but never seen – until now.

Remind me what happened again

Much has been written about Cattrall’s exit from the show and her falling out with executive producer and star, Sarah Jessica Parker.

When And Just Like That…was announced, Cattrall doubled down, telling Variety: “I was never asked to be part of the reboot. I made my feelings clear after the possible third movie, so I found out about it like everyone else did—on social media.”

Simpler times? Kim Cattrall, who played Samantha Jones in the hit series, and Sarah Jessica Parker.Credit: HBO

Cattrall described that it felt “odd” for the show to be continuing her character and that it’s a “definite no” to ever returning. “It’s powerful to say no.”

But in a classic case of never say never, in May this year, it was confirmed that Samantha Jones would return – kind of – in the season three finale. Cattrall later told The View that her return was prompted by a call from HBO chairman and CEO Casey Bloys.

“It’s very interesting to get a call from the head of HBO, saying ‘What can we do?’” Cattrall said. “I went, “Hm, let me get creative.” One of those things was to get [costume designer] Pat Field back,” she continued.

OK, so what did Samantha actually say and do?

For those holding out hope that they might see the awesome foursome knocking back mimosas over a long brunch, sadly, it wasn’t to be.

In the scene, Samantha, who in the show has moved to London, had a phone conversation with Carrie Bradshaw. The scene was in fact shot on location in New York, but Cattrall didn’t film with any of the cast and crew, including Sarah Jessica Parker and showrunner Michael Patrick King.

Kim Cattrall confirmed that the head of HBO called her to request she make a cameo in season two.Credit: HBO

Coming right at the beginning of the episode, Samantha calls Carrie, who is preparing to say goodbye to her apartment.

Samantha then reveals she was hoping to make a surprise trip to New York to join the farewell: “My flight is three hours delayed Carrie; I won’t be able to make it there in time; I was going to surprise you.”

Carrie is indeed surprised (‘I am very surprised!’), but the excitement is short-lived when Samantha says it was only an overnight trip and, due to the delay, she won’t be coming. Instead, she demands Carrie put her on loudspeaker so that she can say goodbye to the apartment.

“It’s your apartment, and I have to pay my respects; put me on speaker and hold out that phone. Thank you for everything you f—ing fabulous flat.”

There’s a bit of banter about Samantha now having a British accent, and the scene ends with Samantha saying she now goes by the name Anabelle Bronstein; a reference to the storyline from the season six Sex and the City episode titled Boy, Interrupted, where she pretends to be a woman named Annabelle Bronstein.

How long was she on screens for?

Not long; one minute and 11 seconds.

What do people think?

It may have only been brief, but on the whole, people seemed to enjoy seeing Samantha, in all her swearing glory, return to the fray.

Arguably the biggest complaint of audiences was that the cameo was too short and sweet.

Is there any chance she’ll come back for season three?

This week And Just Like That… was confirmed for a third season, with show creator King saying, “We are thrilled to spend more time in the Sex and the City universe telling stories about the lives of these relatable and aspirational characters played by these amazing actors. And Just Like That…here comes season three.”

However, it seems unlikely Samantha Jones will dust off the Manolo Blahnik’s for another round, given her previous statements on the show.

For those still curious, the third season ends with Aidan telling Carrie he prefers not to break up with her, but she just needs to wait five (haha!) years until his son is no longer a teenager. Then Carrie goes to Greece with Seema because that’s how things work in this show.

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