Royal expert left ‘cringing’ at Harry and Meghan’s repeated Instagram blunders

Royal expert left ‘cringing’ at Harry and Meghan’s repeated Instagram blunders


In the battle of the Royal Instagram accounts, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge may be emerging as the winners – but the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's account is definitely catching them up.

Just hours after the @sussexroyal account went live on April 2 it amassed a huge amount of followers, with Meghan Markle believed to be behind many of its posts.

Yet despite the fanfare and massive reaction that comes with each post, royal experts have been picking up on some awkward blunders.

Melanie Bromley has been left "cringing" at repeated mistakes on the account, with the two recurring issues being grammar and punctuation.

"They keep making mistakes on their Instagram ," Melanie told  E! News  of the Sussex's account.

"There is a website that points them out every single time they post."

Not many people can claim to have never made a mistake on a social media post, but unfortunately for Meghan and Harry, there are millions of pairs of eyes on theirs – many of which delight in the couple slipping up.

One such error was made in a caption on an Earth Day post and was picked up on by a grammar-savvy fan.

The final line under the photo read: "Every one of us can make a difference, not just today but everyday."

However, the person responsible for the post should have written "every day" rather than "everyday", which is an adjective.

Other issues include the page taking down and then reposting a photo and caption with a repeated line in the lead-up to Archie's birth last month.

A social media manager employed to do this sort of thing is likely to be trained to a pretty rigorous standard. If Meghan is behind the couple's account, however, then it's more likely that very common errors will occur, what with a newborn to look after.

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