Rosalia Manager Rebeca Leon: Why Wearing Sneakers to Formal Events ‘Changed My Life’

Rosalia Manager Rebeca Leon: Why Wearing Sneakers to Formal Events ‘Changed My Life’


At the end of a chat at the Midem conference on Thursday, Lionfish Management cofounder Rebeca Leon — who manages J Balvin, Rosalia, Juanes and was recently featured, along with Rosalia, in Variety‘s International Music Impact list — made an illuminating point to fellow women in the business about the importance of comfortable footwear, in her case, sneakers. Asked about her gold-spangled Nikes (pictured above) by moderator Leila Cobo of Billboard, Leon leaned in.

“I want to take a minute to talk about sneakers, because as a woman, I feel like they really liberated me,” she said. “A couple of years ago Stella McCartney did a line that paired her Stan Smith sneakers with dresses and skirts, and it really changed my life.

“When you have to be at an awards show or a big event and you’re wearing heels, which are leather straps on wood, it’s impossible to keep up with your male counterparts. After the seventh or eighth hour, you’re like, ‘I’m out, I can’t go on.’ I don’t want anything to slow me down, and I really don’t want to have to go home because my feet hurt, because that’s lame!

“So I decided to get really cute sneakers and wear them with all my dresses, and it changed my life, because now I can be comfortable when I’m working instead of being in pain. I mean, come on girls, how painful are heels? (Uproarious cheering) And I love to wear heels and feel pretty and nice, but I want to be able to be shoulder to shoulder with all of my counterparts.

“So I would suggest you girls get some really cute sneakers.”

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