ROBYN MORRIS: Duncan Bannatyne, 74, needs to act his age

ROBYN MORRIS: Duncan Bannatyne, 74, needs to act his age


A boat party filled with young bikini-clad dancers for your 74th birthday? Duncan Bannatyne, you’re a grandad – start acting your age, says ROBYN MORRIS

  • Duncan Bannatyne celebrated his 74th birthday surrounded by young women 
  • Videos showed him on a yacht in Miami, surrounded by bikini-clad dancers 
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When I think about a 74-year-old grandfather celebrating his birthday, what instantly pops into my head is perhaps a family meal, a pint at the local pub, or a low-key get-together at home, swiftly followed by an early night.

What doesn’t spring to mind is a boozy boat party in Miami filled with half-naked dancers. But that’s exactly how Duncan Bannatyne rang in his 74th birthday this week.

The boat party, which appeared more suited to a twenty-something influencer than a 74-year-old businessman, saw Duncan receive a personal dance performance from a group of young, bikini-clad women alongside his 42-year old wife, Nigora, who filmed the shenanigans for Instagram. Classy.

In the videos, the father-of-six looks to be having the time of his life as he frolics with the gorgeous young dancers on the yacht. One video in particular sees Duncan sat down, Hugh Hefner style, while the dancers, dressed in skimpy white bikinis, prance around him.

When she posted the video on Instagram, Nigora even placed a cartoon crown above his head.

King for the day: In one video shared by his 42-year old wife, Nigora, on Instagram, Duncan Bannatyne sat on the edge of the boat as a group of bikini-clad beauties danced around her

I’m assuming Duncan’s family – which includes three young grandchildren – weren’t invited to this party.

In other pictures posted by Nigora, the event looks more like a hen do as she poses with her girlfriends in matching white outfits.

I can’t help but think that the girls look as though they’re partying with their dad, rather than one of their husbands and I personally find the whole thing very cringe.

I’m not suggesting Duncan should give in to old age and sit in a reclining armchair with a newspaper and a comfy pair of slippers.

After all, age is just a number and Duncan has millions of pounds to spend, so go ahead and live it up.

Duncan celebrated his 74th birthday with a wild party on board a yacht in Miami. Pictured with his wife Nigora

Other snaps showed the businessman cuddled up to his stunning wife and their pals, fashion designer Marcela Preziosi and model Diana Kassabov

But larking about on a yacht with dancers half your age with your wife, who is 32 years your junior, just screams a lack of taste to me. Is Duncan forgetting that he is a grandfather?

I know I’d be mortified if my grandad was acting like that and I’m 31, lord knows what would go through a young child’s mind if they saw their grandfather behaving in that way. Surely there are more sophisticated ways to spend his fortune.

What I also struggle to get my head around is the fact that Duncan’s wife is only four years older than his eldest daughter, Abigail.

As a woman in my thirties, I’d feel very uncomfortable if my dad was dating, let alone marrying, a woman my age. It seems to be somewhat of a ‘thing’ with famous men these days.

Look at the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Steven Tyler and Eddie Murphy, why can’t they date women their own age? Is there something wrong with women over 50? 

Duncan pictured with Nigora in 2021. His wife is only four years older than his eldest daughter, Abigail

Surely a man of 74 would have more in common with a woman who is at the same stage of life as him than a woman who is three decades younger.

What also bothers me is that if the genders were reversed, I have no doubt that there would be uproar about a millionaire woman in her 70s marrying a man over 30 years younger than her – especially if she spent her 74th birthday with a bunch of much younger, half-naked male dancers falling at her feet.

I don’t have a problem with age-gap relationships. My parents [who separated when I was a child] are both now married to someone a decade younger and I myself was in a two year relationship with a man who was 11 years older than me.

It can work – although clearly it didn’t in my case – but a 30-year age gap, when your partner is the same age as your children? That crosses a line for me.

But what makes me wince more than anything is Duncan’s immature behaviour. 

The couple in October last year. Robyn Morris has remarked on their age gap of more than 30 years

Acting as though he’s a young, carefree man on a stag-do, rather than an elderly man in his seventies.

Now I’m not saying don’t have fun and it’s great that Duncan clearly doesn’t feel his age. He certainly doesn’t look it.

But do you really need to be filmed getting personal dances from young women? It’s just embarrassing.

Let’s look at Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones for example.

A few months ago, they celebrated their joint birthday – with Catherine turning 53 and Michael turning 78 – a 25-year age gap, very similar to Duncan and Nigora.

But what did they do to celebrate the occasion? An intimate helicopter ride for two and a big chocolate cake. Now that is age appropriate.

Duncan’s youngest child, Thomas, is only twenty years old and I can’t help but think that Duncan’s birthday celebrations were more suited to him than his old man.

I understand that Duncan might not want to give up the party lifestyle, but he has to face facts and there comes a point – probably when you’re a grandparent – where behaving like this just comes across as sleazy, especially when your wife is young enough to be your child.

My advice to Duncan would be to age gracefully and leave Insta-worthy parties for the 20-year-old reality stars. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

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