Relationship coach shares strategies for dealing with rejection

Relationship coach shares strategies for dealing with rejection


Relationship expert shares her three-step plan to overcoming rejection – from recognising it’s not personal to thinking about it as a ‘redirection’

  • Relationship expert revealed some tips to help you deal with being rejected
  • Paige Moyce, a dating coach originally from UK, often shares advice on TikTok
  • In a recent clip, she talked about rejection, and while it’s part of life, it feels bad
  • However, she said, there are strategies you can use to ease the pain of rejection

A relationship coach has revealed some of the strategies you can use to help deal with the discomfort of rejection – from realising it’s not always personal to speaking to yourself in a positive way.

Paige Moyce, a relationship and dating coach from the UK, shared the tips on the topic in a recent video on TikTok.

In the video, titled how to get over rejection, she discussed how rejection is a part of life, but it is still a painful thing to deal with.

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A relationship coach has discussed rejection, and offered strategies for how to deal with the disappointment and sting of rejection when you are dating (stock image)

According to Paige, rejection can take a toll on your self-esteem. She also notes that because we normally feel rejected because we wanted a relationship to work, disappointment is a big factor too. 

The three-step plan to overcoming rejection 

1. Accept rejection isn’t always personal

2. Think of rejection as a redirection 

3. Speak to yourself in a positive light after experiencing rejection 

In the video, she said: ‘How can you begin to get over it? Step one is accept that rejection isn’t always personal. Often we take rejection and we take it inwards, we internalise it wholeheartedly, and we rip ourselves apart because of it. 

‘It’s okay to feel rejected. It isn’t a negative thing, isn’t a detriment to your character, isn’t a detriment to who you are. 

‘Rejection is a part of life and although it doesn’t feel good, it’s okay to feel rejected. You don’t need to bury that emotion. It’s okay. You are human.’

Her second strategy was to reframe how we look at rejection. She explained: ‘We often see rejection as a really negative thing. And that’s okay to feel like it is. 

‘But actually, rejection is just redirection. When we feel rejected or have been rejected, it’s just a redirection or path… When we stop seeing rejection as the end of the road and see it as a little left turn into a new road. 

‘We actually start to look at it in a positive light and that brings us out of the dark hole we can put ourselves in when we feel like we’ve been rejected.’

Thirdly, according to Paige, people should ‘start talking to [themselves] like [they] talk to [their] friends’.   

According to dating coach Paige Moyce (pictured) although rejection is difficult to deal with, there are strategies you can use to make it easier

‘If your friend was feeling rejected or had been rejected, you wouldn’t rip them apart,’ she says in the video. 

‘You wouldn’t point out any flaws that you thought they’d had. You wouldn’t dwell on the negatives with them. You try and lift them up. So do that with yourself. Speak to yourself as you would your friend. 

‘Write down the things that you like about yourself. Write down the achievements that you’ve made, write down what you’re proud of yourself for. And when that rejection creeps in, remind yourself of that remind yourself of who you are and your self worth.’

Paige’s final strategy for dealing with rejection is to not ‘surround yourself with anyone that doesn’t make you feel good’.

She says: ‘If you feel rejected or have been rejected, the last thing you need is to be around any negative energy. 

‘So set your boundaries. Stay around people that lift you up, lift yourself up and know that it’s completely okay to feel everything you’re feeling.’

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