Real World: Homecoming Stars Concerned Over David's Drinking: 'David's Volatile, He's a Mess'

Real World: Homecoming Stars Concerned Over David's Drinking: 'David's Volatile, He's a Mess'


As David's erratic behavior escalates, his roommates remove all alcohol from the house.

David Edwards was already facing an uphill battle reuniting with his former “Real World: Los Angeles” costars for “The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles” — and, just as Jon Brennan pointed out, his “unpredictable” behavior is once again causing concern.

Edwards was infamously evicted from the original series back in the day, after he pulled a blanket off an underwear-clad Tami Roman on camera despite her protests. While the two eventually came to an understanding about the situation in the first two episodes of the Paramount+ revival, he started to rub some of his other roommates the wrong way in Wednesday’s new hour.

The episode found David once again opening up about a recent biking accident that happened shortly before filming began. Edwards was hit by a truck while riding his bike in Downtown Los Angeles, waking up in the ICU. Doctors had to drill into his skull, leaving him with a noticeable dent in his head and a broken clavicle, wrist and possibly even some ribs.

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“That near death experience, that was the scariest for me I’ve ever faced in my life. One minute I’m in the ICU, the next, I’m doing so well they’re sending me home,” he said in a confessional. “After being used to be pumped full of morphine and getting that s— out of my body, I started to feel depressed and f—ing sad, I was in a tough spot.”

During a one-on-one conversation with Jon — and after he was seen refilling his margarita — Brennan asked David whether alcohol had “been a struggle” for him throughout his life. David replied with a simple “No comment,” before he started hacking up a lung after a puff on his vape pen.

Throughout the episode, the gang went bowling — erasing the memory of a particularly disastrous bowling incident on the OG series — before returning home for dinner. It’s here that Irene Berrera-Kearns noticed David kept refilling his water bottle … with gin.

By dinner, around 8pm, he was acting like a different person.

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“I’m not sure what he’s drinking but I see a dramatic change in David’s behavior,” Beth Anthony said in a confessional. “I have 34 years in recovery, so I’m a little concerned about David’s choices and I think it went south pretty safe.”

As they all sat down to eat, Glen Naessens made a joke about Tami’s wigs — a joke David did not find funny. “What the f—?” he said, getting up from the table, before picking up an apple and throwing it at Glen. “Don’t disrespect the queen, ho!” David then said twice to Glen — who ticked off David again moments later by referring to him as “Dave.”

Frustrated with the situation, Glen retreated to the rooftop patio, where he, Jon and Beth Stolarczyk all expressed their concerns about David’s behavior.

“I’m worried about it, he’s got some dependency problems, y’all,” said Brennan to his two costars. “He’s hot and cold. And it’s moments apart, so it’s not a mood swing. He’s unpredictable,” he then added in a confessional.

David briefly joined them, asking Beth to go downstairs and get him a drink — which she declined — before Glen started to poke the bear by repeatedly calling him “Dave” again. In a confessional, Jon admonished Glen for making it worse — saying, “Hush man, shut it for a minute. David was extremely drunk. Now’s a good time to leave him alone and I’m concerned for him.”

Eventually, David left the trio alone again.

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“There may be a point of clarity tomorrow,” said Jon, who was considering letting David know they were concerned about him. He also added, “He’s 50 years old, he’s gonna make his own decisions, but it’s sad to watch somebody self destruct.”

When Glen wondered if this was going to turn “into an intervention for David,” Beth asked if they would “feel okay” just sitting back. “It breaks my heart,” she added. They all agreed it wouldn’t get anything accomplished if all six of them “ganged up” on David at once, as Beth A. joined them and tried to put some of his behavior into perspective.

“He’s come off a hard ride and it’s a lot of emotion in a short period of time,” she said, likely alluding to both his accident and finally clearing the air with Roman. “He’s clearly been waiting for 30 years for this moment to be back in Tami’s good graces, it means a lot for him.”

“The unpredictable behavior is what caused problems back in the day,” Jon countered, however. “David’s a mess, y’all. David’s volatile. He’s a mess.”

In the end, they decided to let him sleep it off before reassessing the situation in the morning. They also decided to box up all the alcohol in the house and get it the hell out of there.

“I’m having a lot of concerns about substances he’s battling,” Jon concluded in a confessional. “This is bad night but I want David to be able to redeem himself and this was our chance to support him.”

New episodes of “The Real World: Homecoming” drop Wednesday on Paramount+.

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