Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip Reportedly Living 'Separate Lives'

Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip Reportedly Living 'Separate Lives'


Prince Philip just celebrated turning 98 years old. The birthday comes two years following Philip’s retirement from official duty. Philip celebrated the milestone with family, though inside sources claim he and Queen Elizabeth live completely separate lives, often not seeing one another for weeks on end.

Philip and Queen Elizabeth grow distant

Philip celebrated his June birthday with Queen Elizabeth at his side. But with Philip no longer participating in most royal engagements, insiders say he lives a completely different life than his spouse. Although this might shock some royal watchers, a source close to the situation says Her Majesty is totally okay with Philip doing his own thing.

“She knows him too well, if he was still at the centre ofroyal life he’d feel he had to be involved,” the source dished.“Being at Wood Farm means that he’s not too far away, but far enough to beable to relax.”

According to Express,it is well known that Philip splits his schedule between two differentlocations: Windsor Castle and Wood Farm, which is on the Sandringham Estate. Hespends more time on Wood Farm because it is a bit quieter.

The only downside is that Her Majesty is usually at Windsor Castle or Buckingham Palace, so they do not see each other for weeks at a time. That said, they do communicate on a daily basis to check in and talk, so they are not completely out of the loop.

Inside Philip’s life of retirement

After retiring from royal duties, Philip established his base ofoperations at Wood Farm. The estate is a cottage on the grounds of Sandringham,which is in Norfolk. When he is not at Wood Farm, Philip is usually at WindsorCastle and rarely ventures to Buckingham Palace. The only exceptions areimportant royal engagements, like official state banquets with heads of state.

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While most retired married couples still live in the same house, QueenElizabeth and Philip are often miles apart. One reason why Philip does notspend time at Buckingham Palace is because it is mostly viewed as a workplace.Philip reportedly wants nothing to do with the bustle of London and enjoys amuch more peaceful existence at Wood Farm or Windsor Castle.

Now that he is 98 years old, we can hardly blame Philip forwanted to take it easy in his final years. Elizabeth, on the other hand, isstill working hard, despite being in her 90s as well.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth’s romance stands the test oftime

Philip and Elizabeth were introduced to each other way back in 1934. At the time, Elizabeth was only 13 years old. The pair started writing to each other in the summer of 1939. Eight years later, George VI gave Philip permission to marry Elizabeth, whom she had nicknamed, “Cabbage.” The two have enjoyed a strong marriage over the past 72 years, with Philip finally announcing his retirement in the spring of 2017.

Prior to his retirement, Philip viewed himself as one of the best“plaque unveilers” in the entire world. Over the course of hislongstanding career, Philip took part in well over 22,000 royal engagements. Healso gave close to 5,500 speeches throughout Queen Elizabeth’s reign, cementinghimself as one of her most important allies. They may not spend every wakinghour together, but it is clear that Philip and Queen Elizabeth have enjoyed aromance for the ages.

The royal family celebrates Philip’s 98th birthday

Philip turned 98 on June 10. In honor of reaching such animportant milestone, the royal family offered their congratulations to the Dukeof Edinburgh on social media. Philip opted to stay home during the Trooping theColour event over the weekend, which is in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s secondbirthday. Her Majesty’s real birthday in April 21. Among the well wishers werePrince William and Kate Middleton, who wrote some congratulations on KensingtonPalace’s official Twitter account.

Other members of the royal family also chimed in to celebratePhilip’s birthday including one of his sons, Prince Andrew.

“Wishing a very Happy 98th Birthday to His Royal HighnessThe Duke of Edinburgh! #HappyBirthdayHRH” Middleton and William shared.

The royal family also shared a few throwback photos of Philipfrom his younger days as well as some modern pics. Buckingham Palace has notsaid anything about how Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth spend the majority oftheir time apart, though they do not go out of their way to hide it.

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