Primark employee explains trick to find items in store and get a discount

Primark employee explains trick to find items in store and get a discount


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Millions of us have logged onto TikTok in the time since the pandemic began with many different trends going viral.

From dance routines to 'What I eat in a day' videos, life hacks and make-up tutorials, there are videos for everyone.

But one our favourite trends is when shop staff let us in on their brand's biggest secrets.

One particular TikToker Georgia Pontin (@pontasaurus) has given us a seriously in-depth insight into life as an Primark employee – publishing a gigantic 23-part series on her experiences.

Here are the juiciest secrets and tips she reveals…

Primark can be hectic, let's be honest, and sometimes you might just be there for one particular item.

If you’re trying to replace an old favourite and struggling to find it, Georgia revealed that the first two numbers of the six digit number on the label tell you which departments your item is from. For instance, socks are 02 and 01 is accessories and 04 is lingerie and loungewear.

She then claimed that some shoppers have a bad habit of leaving behind their worn clothes – particularly bras – and warned Primark fans to double check their chosen items are new before they try and buy them.

Ever wondered how you can get a discount at Primark?

It may be cheap anyway but everyone loves to save a bit of extra cash. As their price points are so low, Primark never offer any discount codes and even staff discount is limited to 10% off at certain times of the year.

However, Georgia says if you find a stain or fault on the item you are buying and alert a staff member, they might knock some money off for you.

Primark sales may be mayhem but they are good. If you’re wondering when the next sale is, staff will actually just tell you if you ask them!

And one of the secrets we've never heard before – forget spending £20 for a few hangers, if you ask a Primark staff member for a bag of hangers, they will give you them for free.

Finally, you may often see some amazing products from Primark in glossy magazines but never in store.

Well, Georgia claims staff position the mag-worthy goods at the back on the rails as they are not the most pieces they urgently need to sell.

Older stock, or stock that isn’t selling well, is placed in better positions for shoppers to spot.

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