Pet owners share 'threatening' photographs of their 'demonic' animals

Pet owners share 'threatening' photographs of their 'demonic' animals


Pet-rifying! Hilarious snaps reveal VERY scary looking animals – including a hedgehog with ‘fangs’ and a contorted cat in the sink

  • Pet owners have shared snaps of their pets looking ‘demonic’ in hilarious snaps
  • One pooch left people very gobsmacked with its spooky human-like expression
  • While a hedgehog looked almost murderous as it creepily stared at the camera 
  • The animals left people questioning whether pets really are cute and cuddly 

Everyone has been left completely gobsmacked after turning around and seeing their pet doing something extremely bizarre.

And now pet owners from around the world have shared photos of animals that left people wondering whether their pets are as innocent as they might seem.

The snaps, collated in a hilarious gallery by Bored Panda, included a dog who had a horrifyingly human-like expression, and a hedgehog who looked almost murderous with its creepy smile.

Other strange animals included a tortoise which decided to climb inside a horse’s nostril, and a cat that looked ‘demonic’ as it squealed in front of a bright light. 

Here, FEMAIL shares a selection of the creepiest looking pets that will leave you doubting that animals are cute and cuddly. 

One hedgehog looked almost murderous as he smiled for the camera, with his feet poised perfectly in front of him 

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Another snap showed a seemingly possessed cat, sitting on top of a light and appearing to do an evil laugh as rainbow lights spread out around it 

In another, a turtle popped up out of the water and took a huge bite of a beachgoer’s arm as she looked down in shock at the animal

One American driver looked in their rearview mirror to see their dog gazing at them scarily with wide eyes in the back of the car 

A Dalmatian bared its teeth at his  American owner as they took a picture of the $20 bill that their dog had taken a bite out of 

Cats can sometimes twist themselves into very surprising positions, with one turning his head upside down to be able to drink water from the tap 

One curious tortoise got into a bit of a sticky situation after he got his head stuck up a horse’s nose 

Another feline, believed to be in the UK, saw cartoon cats standing on their hind legs on the television and wanted to be able to do the neat trick too 

Another cat decided to try its hand at vlogging as, paws outstretched, it filmed itself on its owner’s phone 

Another cat, believed to be in the US, was shocked when he looked up to see his face looking back at him in the magnifying mirror 

One feline sat in front of its owner’s PC screen, which read ‘defeat’ in big red letters because the cat got in the way 

Bored Panda have collated a hilarious gallery of snaps which have left people wondering whether animals are as innocent as they might seem, including one dog who looks spookily like a human 

One animal lover, whose location is unknown, managed to perfectly capture their tiny little pooch who looked like a cloud

One photographer managed to capture an incredible snap of a frog perched on at on a rock, with two snails covering his head like headphones

One couple, believed to be in the US, fed what are believed to be manatees, with floating bowls of food in life buoys as they gave the large animals food 

One dachshund was photographed wearing a high-vis yellow jacket with ‘I need space’ written across it in capital letters 

A capybara lifted its head out of the water, gazing straight at the camera, balancing a piece of fruit perfectly on its head 

One animal had company with angels, as they drank out of a bowl in the statue’s hands in the snow 

A horse and foal both appeared to make fun of someone walking past as they stuck their tongues out 

One hedgehog sprawled out on its back as and stretched its limbs out as it enjoyed some time relaxing in its owner’s bed 

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