People are sharing their funniest #WeddingFails

People are sharing their funniest #WeddingFails


‘Til EMBARRASSMENT do you part! Twitter users reveal their funniest wedding fails, from brides (and grooms) who fell to THREE grandmas who wore the exact same dress

  • Jimmy Fallon challenged fans to tweet their best #WeddingFail this week
  • Hundreds have complied, sharing funny, horrifying, and mortifying stories
  • Some shared photos and videos of brides, grooms, and guests taking dramatic tumbles
  • Some family members voiced awkward objections, while others had drama behind-the-scenes before saying ‘I do’ 

Thanks to high tension, higher expectations, and crazy family antics, weddings can really bring the drama —and that drama makes for some serious laughs on social media.

On Tuesday, Jimmy Fallon challenged his followers to share the most bizarre and hilarious wedding stories, tweeting: ‘It’s Hashtags time! Tag a tweet with #WeddingFail and then tell us a funny or weird story from a wedding you were at.

 Hundreds of people chimed in, rehashing tales of rude parents who made a scene, grooms who were much less coordinated than they thought, and little kids who disrupted everything will ill-timed comments.

Some shared pictures, like the bride who was surprised to see that all three grandmothers — hers and her husbands — had coincidentally turned up in the same dress.

While a few still seemed to be annoyed or upset about their wedding mishaps, though, it seems that for most, the negative feelings have abated over time — with many now knowing they have a great story to tell.

Prompt: Jimmy Fallon challenged fans to tweet their best #WeddingFail this week

Whoops! Hundreds have complied, sharing funny, horrifying, and mortifying stories, including this couple that took a tumble

Ew: Marcus and his wife were shocked to see a strange couple in their honeymoon suite — and they’d already defiled the bed

What an entrance! The photographer here caught the moment the groom lost his footing before falling down the stairs

What a sweet granny! Gloria’s grandmother told her she was going to hell — but luckily, she had a good comeback

Meant to be: Three grandmas at this wedding all turned up in the same exact dress, and it wasn’t on purpose

Fatherly support: This wedding DJ watched on as the father of the groom called the bride a ‘f***ing b***’ during his toast

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