Page 3 stars from the 1980s now – from cab driver to babe still selling sexy pix

Page 3 stars from the 1980s now – from cab driver to babe still selling sexy pix

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    Some of Britain’s most famous glamour models from the 1980s had their careers launched by posing for Page 3.

    They were just teenagers when they were splashed in the tabloids but they are now women in their 50s who lead much different lives.

    Some are still selling titillating pictures to loyal fans who have followed them for decades, while others have embraced new careers.

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    But here we look at five of the most recognisable pin-ups from the 80s who are all regarded as Page 3 legends.

    Debee Ashby

    It has been 40 years since Debee Ashby, 56, made her newspaper debut in 1983 and the iconic model is still getting pulses racing to this day.

    After the glitz and glamour of her old life, the former wild child, who was kicked out of school, now lives a quieter life on the Isle of Man with her husband Johnny Mills.

    She became a restaurant owner but on the side she also sells saucy snaps on X-rated subscription site Fanvue for just over a tenner a month.

    Her cheeky bio reads: “Page 3 girl in the 80s/90s etc now run a renovation business as I just like getting mucky!”

    Fans still pay her compliments on social media and one told her: “Debee is still as beautiful as ever, but that’s obvious. She’s also really kind and lovely to talk to if you need to chat.”

    Another added: “Hi Debee, I remember when you were posing in Mayfair and Penthouse. You were as thin as you are now but you were gorgeous all the same.”

    Debee is also a mother and she retired from the glamour industry in 1996 and has stayed relatively private since then.

    Donna Ewin

    Donna Ewin, 53, was just 17 when she first appeared on Page 3 and she later went on to grace the cover of Playboy magazine five times.

    But the cockney babe, nicknamed The Body, actually went on to be a black cab driver and has been for over 20 years.

    And speaking about the discrimination she faced from her male counterparts, she told London Taxi Radio: “Some blokes are fine and others still do get the hump because it is a woman cab driver, they still get the hump

    “I remember this bloke at Tottenham Court Road once, he looked at me and shook his head in disgust. I went ‘hiii’ and really was playing it up to him and he got the hump and drove off.”

    She also became a mum after five rounds of IVF and despite grafting in her traditional trade, she also still makes money from her curves with an OnlyFans page.

    Her bio states: “My subscription is currently at £4.99 as I'm unable to come on here as much as I'd like, I will still be posting content and answering messages, but as my life is very busy, I am only posting 1 PPV a month at the moment until I am able to be on here more.

    “Come. Getting to know me with a personal touch. Where you will be able to get to view unseen recent photos. Behind the scenes past photos that have never been seen.”

    Kathy Lloyd

    Kathy Lloyd, 55, made her first newspaper appearance when she was 18 and she was later voted Page 3 girl of the year in 1986, 1990 and 1994.

    She was also named as one of the sexiest women in the world in 2005, two decades after her topless debut.

    The Northern Irish stunner now lives in London with her boyfriend and she is a mum to a daughter called Lola.

    And asked how she would feel if her little girl became a glamour model like she did, she replied: "No, not angry at all but I'd be incredibly worried. It's not the same industry it was when I was a model."

    She is now more focused on family than modelling but she keeps her fans updated about her life on Instagram.

    One person wrote to her saying: “Just when I thought you couldn’t get any hotter, you go and prove me wrong.”

    Another said: “Kathy you look as gorgeous as ever, I did your makeup a loong time ago. At Granada Breeze, Men and Motors. I remember thinking you were such a natural beauty. And still are.”

    Maria Whittaker

    Like Kathy Lloyd, Maria Whittaker was also named as The Sun’s Page 3 girl of the year in 1989.

    But despite being thrown into the limelight from the age of 16, she has opted for a much quieter life since her pictures were prominent in calendars and magazines across Britain.

    The industry wasn’t for her and she packed it all in at the age of 21 and she told Daily Mirror: “I was already fed up of being the centre of attention. I wanted a peaceful life so I became an au pair to a family in Twickenham.

    "I really enjoyed looking after the children, taking them to the park, and cooking and cleaning the house.I’d pull up in a nice car to the job which would have been the only sign I had done well financially in the past.

    "The families I worked for didn't know who I was and I absolutely loved what I was doing so it was a win win .I gave it up after I become pregnant with my first child and became a full-time mum."

    Now known as Maria Tafari, she is married, aged 53 and has three children and the former model, who lives in Kent, still gets recognised by fans.

    She earns a living as a nutritionist selling weight loss juices and speaking about still being known for her Page 3 days, she said: “Some are amazed it's me while others tell me I was their teenage crush and now I'm helping them to lose weight.

    “I think people are surprised. I love what I do and I love being a full-time mum. I'm Maria Tafari, a mum and a juicing advocate who wants to help people to become healthier and if they need to I will help them lose weight.”

    Samantha Fox

    Last but not least is Samantha Fox, 57, who is one of the most photographed women in British history – and has dazzled in showbiz for 40 years.

    She became famous after her first Page 3 gig back in 1983 and she later insured her 34D boobs for £1million and modelled for Playboy.

    But earlier this year she took her career down a new path by getting employed for Virgin Radio as a host.

    Speaking about the new job, the Celebrity Big Brother star told The Sun: “I am delighted to have been given this opportunity by Steve Denyer to join the Virgin team @virgin radio 80’s plus.

    “I’m playing some absolute anthems along with some classic 80’ tunes, I will have everybody up on their feet dancing along with the Fox.”

    She added: “It’s been 40 years I’ve been in showbiz – I’m loving it more and more, I'd like to think like a fine wine – I am getting better with age.”

    Samantha, who is a singing artist herself, is now married to Norwegian mum-of-two Linda Olsen.

    Away from her stellar career in the limelight, she has suffered personal tragedies in recent years. Her former partner of 16 years Myra Stratton passed away in 2015 from cancer while earlier this year her sister Vanessa died after a heart attack.

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