Organisation queen reveals how to deep clean your fridge

Organisation queen reveals how to deep clean your fridge


Organisation queen reveals how to deep clean your fridge in three easy steps – and the cheap solution she uses to wipe down the shelves

  •  Melbourne’s Chantel Mila has revealed the best way to deep-clean your fridge 
  • The mother-of-two has 1.3million followers on Instagram 984,000 on TikTok
  • She became popular in 2020 after sharing cleaning videos during lockdown

A house-proud mother-of-two has revealed the best way to deep clean your fridge to keep it looking and smelling like new.

Chantel Mila, who has become one of Australia’s most popular cleaning influencers with 1.3million followers, shared the new fridge-cleaning video on TikTok on Thursday where it quickly went viral.

In the video, which has been seen by 495,000 of her fans, Chantel pulls apart her fridge, scrubbing it piece by piece.

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Chantel Mila, known as Mama Mila online, has revealed the best way to deep clean your fridge

After taking all of the shelves out Chantel mixes up some of her go-to fridge spray which she makes using water, white vinegar and vanilla extract.

She sprays this inside the fridge and gives it a good wipe down before targeting the shelves one-by-one.

‘This mixture is wonderful at removing tough mess, leaves your glass shelving sparkling and deodorises your fridge too. It’s such a go-to,’ she said.

She sprays each shelf before washing them with lukewarm water.

Once dry she slides the shelves back into position and puts her food away.

Chantel also revealed cleaning and restocking the fridge is one of her ‘favourite’ chores.

And people were impressed – though some appeared to think the fridge was too perfect. 

The homemaker starts by spraying the inside of the fridge with her go-to cleaner before rinsing the shelves

‘Do you have a separate fridge for all the random condiments I’ve got in mine?

‘I apparently have 399 random food bottles that need to go,’ said another.

But some people were less-than-impressed with the video. 

How can I make the cleaning spray?


1 cup water 

1/2 cup white vinegar  

 2 tbs vanilla extract


Mix the ingredients in a spray bottle and use immediately. 

‘Those pre-made food packages not turned the same way are driving me crazy,’ one woman said.

‘Looks lovely. All the fridges I’ve owned though have big stickers not to use anything but water and cloth on them. Would the vinegar do any damage?’ wrote another.

Chantel became popular during Melbourne’s lockdown when she started making videos with her top cleaning tips to pass the time.

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