OnlyFans star dubbed ‘adult Meryl Streep’ shares strangest and darkest requests

OnlyFans star dubbed ‘adult Meryl Streep’ shares strangest and darkest requests


An OnlyFans model dubbed the "Meryl Streep of porn" has opened up about the most bizarre things her fans have asked her to do.

Porn star Angela White, from Australia, spoke out about the weird and wild requests fans have made during Andrew Bucklow’s I’ve Got News For You podcast.

The sex worker was criticised while at university for exploring her sexuality so she decided to enter the porn industry at 18.

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Initially, she kept her x-rated career under wraps but the now LA-based worker says she isn’t embarrassed about her porn work.

During the pandemic, the porn studio's closed their doors so Angela turned to OnlyFans as her main source of income.

The adult star has direct access to her fans on the subscription-based site, allowing them to make requests for personalised content.

Speaking in the clip, she said: “I mean, foot fetish stuff is very popular. I also have a large community of gooners.

“Gooners love to edge so edge themselves – and not just like regular edging where you take yourself to the brink of orgasm and then pull back for maybe for 30 minutes an hour.

“Gooners edge for days, weeks, months without completion. And they just obsess over me and I really enjoy making content for them, because they get so excited about it.

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“They’re a lot of fun. I kind of set up my week so that I’m shooting at least once every second day.

“And then I have the other day that I’m not shooting which is all about pre production and buying wardrobe and doing the emails, paperwork and everything else that I need to do.

“I have those dedicated fans that are incredible, some of these fans have known me for years.

”They’ll talk to me about how proud they are of me.

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“They’ve seen where I’ve taken my business and how I’ve built this empire and won these awards and kind of representing Australia overseas. But every conversation is different.

“I do find that a lot of people like to tell me their darkest sexual desires, like the stuff that they’re they feel embarrassed or ashamed to tell other people about.

“So I find that to be a real privilege, because I’m glad that they trust me.”

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