Nigella Lawson is indulging in chocolate to cope with self-isolation

Nigella Lawson is indulging in chocolate to cope with self-isolation


#Fattenthecurve trends as self-isolation brings over-indulgence – with Nigella Lawson revealing she’s eating a 250g bar of chocolate daily while holed up at home

  • Nigella Lawson, 60, shared that she’s indulging in chocolate while self-isolating
  • TV cook said she was eating 250g – a sharing-sized bar of choc – every evening
  • Many agreed they were also turning to sweet treats to cope with self-isolation
  • The hashtag #fattenthecurve has seen people posting their own stories of over-indulgence while being forced to stay at home 
  • Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson has revealed that a sharing-size bar of chocolate a day has become her treat while self-isolating at home.  

The 60-year-old foodie revealed in a tweet that she’s eating a 250g bar of chocolate per day while holed up in her London home. 

Nigella certainly isn’t the only one padding back and forth to the kitchen though; her tweet sparked comments from hundreds of people who said they’d also turned to various treats in order to cope with their lack of activity or social life.  

Under current government advice, UK residents face a potential 12-week hibernation while the country battles coronavirus.

Foodie Nigella Lawson revealed in a tweet yesterday that she’s eating a 250g bar of chocolate a day while self-isolating in her London home (pictured in 2013 in Pasadena at the Disney 2013 Winter TCA tour)

Many admitted turning to sweet treats in order to cope with their self-isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic (pictured: a stack of chocolate squares)

Self-isolating like millions other Brits, Nigella has been sharing recipes with her 2.6million followers on Twitter, as well as updating on her daily indoor activities. 

The TV personality tweeted: ‘All I can do is eat chocolate at the moment. I’m on a 250g bar a night at the moment. And rising.’

The light-hearted tweet was shared more than 1,200 times and liked 22,400 times on the social platform, where Nigella retweeted it herself, adding the hashtag #fattenthecurve. 

And the chef is not the only one turning to food for comfort. Hundreds have agreed that sweets and chocolate have been helping them through the unprecedented pandemic.  

Many admitted to indulge in sweets ans chocolate during their own self-isolation, and shared examples (pictured)

‘I’m on a pack of Ritter Sport Salted Almond and a quarter bottle of gin per night. So far so good,’ one said. 

‘I hear you…the struggle is real,’ said another, sharing a picture of a Snickers bar.

‘Staying home eating chocolate saves lives,’ penned another chocolate-loving wit. 

‘Chocolate is the solution to any problem, as long as you define the problem correctly,’ said one. 

‘I cannot stop eating. Hoping to be alive come autumn. But knowing that if I am, I’ll be weighty,’ commented broadcaster and author Sali Hughes.  

Self-isolating? Here’s an essential survival guide if you need to do so 

If self-isolating avoid direct human contact, instead, use video conferencing and social media.

Move around as much as possible. If you have a garden, get fresh air regularly but do NOT leave your property. 

Drink plenty of water and take paracetamol to help alleviate the symptoms.

Plan what you’ll need – food, medicines etc – and arrange how they can be obtained. Sign up to online services if you haven’t already.

Keep busy with activities. Keep your distance from others you live with, and sleep alone. 

Use separate towels. Also use a separate bathroom, if possible – but if you can’t, clean it thoroughly after using it.

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