National Orgasm Day: Simple tips to increase chances of powerful climax

National Orgasm Day: Simple tips to increase chances of powerful climax


Are you struggling to orgasm? Every body is different which means some women may experience an orgasm, while others might not.

But there’s no need to worry as there are plenty of ways to increase chances of reaching the big-O.

The best way to have an orgasm is to not think about them as a goal and to focus on the sexual pleasure.

As today is National Orgasm Day, we spoke to Silva Neves, a We-Vibe sexpert, to reveal her tips.

“The brain is a great sex organ”

Silva Neves

She told Daily Star Online: “If you focus on your erogenous zones and focus on sexual pleasure, the orgasm will be easier to come.

“If you focus on achieving an orgasm, it will be much harder to get there. The brain is a great sex organ, so it is important for women to check what is in their erotic mind.

“Being comfortable with your body is important too. Many women don’t like their body because of the perfect body image that we often see in the media.

“Enjoy your body, touch your body all over, have a look at your vulva in a mirror, learn to love, both with care, kindness and lust.

“Be proud of your sexuality. Give yourself some quality sexual time on your own or with a partner you feel safe with.”

Silvia concluded: “Some women will find it easier to have clitoral orgasms while other women would reach a vaginal orgasm more easily.

“Some women have orgasms without any touch at all, but with the sheer turn-on of giving pleasure to their partner.

“Many women don’t experience orgasms with intercourse alone, but some love it if they stimulate their clitoris at the same time.

“Some women need a long foreplay and can orgasm with oral sex mostly. Some women report ‘great sex’ without having an orgasm, which is important to note too: reaching an orgasm is not necessarily the gold standard of sex.

“And some women need to be turned on with their mind: role play, sexy words, fantasies, and so on.”

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