My siblings won't talk to me after my father left them out of his will | The Sun

My siblings won't talk to me after my father left them out of his will | The Sun


DEAR DEIDRE: SINCE our father died and left his house to me, my siblings have stopped talking to me.

We used to be close and I miss them so much.

I’m 48 and the eldest son in the family.

My brother is 45 and our sister is 43.

When my father died, he cut them out of his will.

It’s not my fault, or what I would have chosen, yet they seem to blame me.

I contacted them to make peace but they got angry and abusive.

Now, when I try to get in touch with either of them, they refuse to return my calls.

The telephone goes to voicemail and messages are ignored.
It’s breaking my heart.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Wills often create problems between relatives.

As the person who caused the issue has died, the aggrieved parties take it out on the surviving member of the family instead.

It sounds like you have tried hard to reach out and communicate with your siblings, but they are refusing to engage.

Could you offer to give them something as an olive branch?

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