My girlfriend's pal has a serious drinking problem but wants to babysit our kids

My girlfriend's pal has a serious drinking problem but wants to babysit our kids


DEAR DEIDRE: I HATE my girlfriend’s best friend. She’s a terrible influence and I don’t want her around my kids.

I’m 33 and I’ve been with my girlfriend, who’s 30, for six years. We have two young children together.

Her best mate, also 30, is always coming round in the evening with vodka.

She gets very drunk, loud and sweary.

She’s totally inappropriate in front of the kids, who are thankfully still too young to understand.

My girlfriend is like a different person when she’s with her – someone I wouldn’t choose to be with.

Now her friend has offered to babysit the kids.

We’ve not been out for ages but I don’t trust her to look after them. She has a serious drink problem.

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DEIDRE SAYS: “Hate” is a strong word but she doesn’t sound like someone you would want caring for young children.

You need to talk to your girlfriend and tell her your concerns.

Perhaps she doesn’t see the danger or isn’t aware how bad her friend’s problem is.

Rather than condemning her friend, which will make her defensive, why not say you think she needs your girlfriend’s help?

My support pack Problem Drinker In The Family has lots of useful advice.

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