My cheating girlfriend has been having sex with my best mate – The Sun

My cheating girlfriend has been having sex with my best mate – The Sun


DEAR DEIDRE: MY girlfriend has been cheating on me with my best mate while I’m away working.

I feel like I’ve lost them both all in one night.

I’m 30 and I work on the oil rigs, so I’m at home for one month then away for a month.

I thought I’d met the girl of my dreams. She’s 27 and never seemed to mind that I’d be away for a month at a time.

My best mate is 31 and he never has much money as he has children with his ex. When we go out, I’ll pay for drinks as we’re such good friends.

When I was last on leave, my girlfriend had changed.

I checked her phone and saw intimate texts from my mate to her and she’d replied with naked photos.

One message from my friend said, “I’d end things with my girlfriend at the drop of a hat to be with you.”

I confronted my girlfriend. She said he’d gone in for a kiss when they’d been playing on the Xbox.

She insist she’s come to her senses now and it’s me she wants. Should I stay with her?

DEIDRE SAYS: You have been betrayed by those closest to you. It’s dealt you a double blow and you didn’t deserve that.

Do you still want to be with your girlfriend?

If so, tell her how devastated you feel and that she’s going to have to change her act if you have a future together.

My e-leaflet Cheating – Can You Get Over It? explains how best to get things back on track.

You and your friend go back a long way so he must do his fair share of grovelling, too, but only if you want to keep the friendship going. You owe him nothing.

Your girlfriend has one chance, though. If she steps out of line again, move on

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