Mum turns parents' dog into Peppa Pig with accidental dye job

Mum turns parents' dog into Peppa Pig with accidental dye job


Treana Richards was looking after her parents’ beloved Bichon Frise Benji and enjoying an afternoon of arts and crafts with her three youngest children when something terrible happened.

She accidentally spilled a blob of red watercolour paint on Benji’s pristine white coat.

When she tried to dab away at the paint, things only got worse.

Scrubbing at the paint with a wet cloth only served to spread the paint further, quickly turning Benji’s coat a fetching shade of hot pink.

When a bath failed to remove the stain, Treana was forced to shampoo him 12 times with dog and baby shampoo – getting her kids to lay a trail of treats to entice the pup upstairs to the shower.

But even that didn’t work, with the remaining stain leaving Benji looking like Peppa Pig.

Treana, 35, confessed her crimes over the phone to her 73-year-old parents, who thankfully were able to see the funny side.

Benji will now have to remain pink until his dyed fur grows out – although Treana’s mum Carol has booked an emergency haircut to speed things along.

Treana, from Martock, Somerset, said: ‘He was so pink – it was ridiculous.

‘The baby was running around shouting “Look, pink dog! Peppa Pig!” It was so funny.

‘He’s been washed about 12 times now. We tried to get him under the shower and rinse it off, but it was just spreading more.

‘If he stays that pink for a couple of months longer, we can dress him up with the kids for Easter.

‘He’s a very clean dog now, we won’t ever forget this, it’ll be a good memory.’

Treana had been enjoyed a creative afternoon with her kids ahead of Benji’s accidental fur dye.

Benji later smeared more of the colour across his face after scratching himself with his paw.

Horrified Treana turned to pals online to ask for advice – with suggestions including baby shampoo and washing up liquid.

Treana said: ‘The kids were at the dining table doing crafts and I was cleaning up. As I went to wipe the table I knocked a pot of red paint.

‘I went to catch it and it all went over my hands and then fell on to Benji.

‘It was a blob to start with, so I scooped some of it up and was rubbing it. As I rubbed it to try and wash it out, it spread more and more.

‘I didn’t know what to do because I was trying to keep him off my mum’s carpet and into the kitchen, then up to the shower.

‘We were putting treats on all the steps to try and lure him upstairs.

‘We used water, dog shampoo and baby shampoo but nothing was working. People mentioned washing up liquid but I didn’t want to try that.

‘I was trying to keep it away from his head, but when I woke up the next morning he had a bright pink head as he’d been scratching during the night.’

Finding herself in a panic about returning Benji to her parents with a permanent pink tinge, Treana frantically messaged her mum for help.

When she broke the news to her dad, he claimed he’d have to take Benji out for walks in the dark until his fur returned to normal.

Treana’s parents have even tried twice more to wash Benji themselves – but soon admitted defeat.

The good news is that Benji pulls off the pink with style.

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