Mum creates incredible Batman bedroom for just £66

Mum creates incredible Batman bedroom for just £66



We’ve seen some absolutely incredible room transformations in the past few weeks, including a Toy Story bedroom, and one centered around Harry Potter for a newborn.

While undeniably impressive, they haven’t been able to beat this one in the price stakes. The ones mentioned above costed £100 and £150 respectively, and have been pipped to the post with a bargain £66 Batman room redecoration.

Sonia Sibley, 32, from Plymouth, created the incredible Batman room for her son Vinnie, four.

Sonia, who works as a cleaner, told about the renovation, saying: ‘My little boy was begging for a Batman room, so as I haven’t got much money I decided to paint it myself as it would be a lot cheaper.’

‘I looked on Google for Batman rooms and realised that I could buy transfers but his wall is not great so they would never stick. So I decided to draw it!’

The inspo from Google, however, stemmed an amazing design, which was created using a £2.35 ruler and some Homebase tester pots at £5 each.

As Sonia began to draw the outline, she says sh was ‘scared at how it would turn out’.

Her hard work – done during the day when Vinny was at school with Sonia working nights – paid off, though, and the finish looks amazing.

For there, it was all about the added extras.

‘I bought the bedding and rug off eBay for £21 and got the cushions from a reuse centre for £2,’ says Sonia.

‘I then got his lamp, throw, lampshade and plant for £24 at B&M, and his clothes rack was £12 from Screwfix to put all his fancy dress items on.’

That total is actually £66.35, which is a steal given how much fun Vinny will be having in his brand new abode.

Sonia is still modest, though She says: ‘I know it’s not perfect but it was cheap and every time he now goes into his room he will always know that mummy drew his Batman and it was done with love.

‘When Vinnie first saw the room he literally lit up the room with his smile and said ‘Mummy, I love it and I love you’.’

So what’s Sonia’s top tip?.. ‘If you draw something in your mind and it looks good then go for it, as you have nothing to lose!

‘Why spend lots of money when you can do things with time and love?’

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