Mrs Hinch fans’ 27p cleaning hack stops condensation building up on windows

Mrs Hinch fans’ 27p cleaning hack stops condensation building up on windows


In the winter time when the weather outside is freezing cold condensation can easily collect on your windows inside.

And, while it might look pretty cool it can make your home colder, lead to damp and mould and even split your windowsills if left to settle!

Nobody wants a cold, mouldy house, but it can seem like an un-fixable problem unless you’re willing to squeegee your windows every hour (note: we are not willing).

But, luckily for those struggling with condensation there is an easy trick you can do to stop condensation from collection on the glass – and it costs just 27p!

Cleaning fanatics on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group provided the solution after a worried renter complained about condensation in her home.

She said: "Without fail, everyday the windows have condensation like this.

“I’ve tried the little (dehumidifier) pots shown in the picture to help but it’s made zero difference.

“Any advice on how to stop this would be brill! It even leaks water onto the window seal some days from how much condensation there is.”

The top advice was cheap, simple and easily accessible.

One woman said: "Put salt in a bowl on the window sill. It will draw the damp to it.”

Another added: “Leave a little pot or two of salt on your window sill.

"It draws the moisture. Just put a fresh pot/bowl out each night.”

And, lots of people agreed with them that it was a cost-effective solution.

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Some said that in the long run she could buy a window vacuum, but noted that it was an expensive outlay ahead of Christmas.

Another poster said: “Here’s a cheaper way, grab a big plastic tub and make your own dehumidifier by putting cat litter or salt or even sugar in it – anything that will absorb moisture.

“Also to wipe away the water on the windows, the micro cloth are great they soak up loads of water."

Fab! You can grab a massive 1.5kg bag of table salt from Sainsbury’s for a quid. Using a small pot on the windowsill of each room it will take months to run out.

Or to try it out before you commit, pick up 750g from Sainsbury’s for just 27p.

What’s your favourite cleaning hack? Tell us in the comments…

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