Model can’t get work after botched nose job leaves her with ‘wonky hooter’

Model can’t get work after botched nose job leaves her with ‘wonky hooter’


A model has been left with ‘wonky’ and ‘crooked’ nose after a ‘simple’ cosmetic procedure went horribly wrong.

Henna Havila, from Kouvola, Finland injured her nose as a child but the corrective surgery left her with a ‘bump’.

The influencer believed the ‘bump’ was holding her career back so she wanted to straighten it.

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She went under the knife at a clinic in Estonia back in 2020 – setting her back around £3,300.

The student opted for a supposedly simple closed technique to file the bump away – despite the CEO of the clinic pushing for a full rhinoplasty.

After the surgery, doctors said it all looked good but Henna was wrapped in more bandages than she expected so she couldn’t check herself.

After 15 days she removed her mask by soaking it in oil. The bump seemed to be gone but after several days her nose began to swell and became infected.

She says the Estonian clinic blamed her for not visiting them to have the mask removed properly.

Two months later, Henna’s nose began to collapse and look crooked. There was also severe pain, as well as pressure as she could feel it twisting to the right.

The botched surgery has left her out of work, and relying on her influencer career to fund her living expenses.

Henna has shared her story on Instagram and strongly encourages those who don’t need cosmetic surgery not to have it.

She said: “My septum was straightened at a public hospital in Finland because I couldn’t breathe through my left nostril, but they didn’t do anything to the bump I had on my nasal ridge, since they said it was only a cosmetic defect.

“You could see bone through my thin skin and it was something that was bothering me and I was pretty badly bullied about my nose when I was a teenager so that also affected my decision.

“I decided that I wanted to fix that bump since I had been contacted by a couple of model agencies and photographers who would have wanted to work with me. I was thinking that fixing what was ‘holding me back’ would open new doors for me.”

Henna was forced to cancel castings and refuse work because she ‘couldn't show up looking like that’.

She said: “I couldn’t go to castings with my crooked nose, I couldn’t collaborate with these photographers that had contacted me, because everything that I had posted on my social media after the surgery went wrong I had needed to edit my nose to be straight so I couldn’t show up anywhere looking like that.

“I needed to let go of an opportunity to get on a list of a model agency in Los Angeles.

“I also declined an offer to take a part in a beauty pageant in Italy, because of my nose. For one and a half years until I was able to save money to go and fix my nose I was hiding at home and I felt like my life is going wasted because I wasn’t able to work on my goals I was devastated when I needed to turn down so many great opportunities that could have helped me with my career.”

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She has since had her nose corrected but said it ‘wasn’t an easy fix’.

Henna added: “I’m pleased with this result but I can say that this terrible experience left me with a nose complex. I keep looking at it and taking photos every day to see if there are any changes in it but there haven’t been.

“Even if it is fixed now, I still don’t feel like I would be 100% myself yet. It’s a weird feeling that I could now enjoy doing my make-up again and dressing up but I get anxious every time I need to do that and it was something that I loved doing before this first clinic destroyed my nose.”


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