Meri Brown Puts Rumors of a 'Sister Wives' Feud to Rest with Photos from Family Trip to Disneyland

Meri Brown Puts Rumors of a 'Sister Wives' Feud to Rest with Photos from Family Trip to Disneyland


What family feud? Meri Brown put rumors that she’s on the outs with the rest of her Sister Wives family to rest by sharing some snaps from a recent family trip to Disneyland on Instagram.

A few days ago, the 48-year-old first wife of Kody Brown had previously shared a selfie with the caption “Just a chill day here at Disneyland,” leading some to believe that she’d taken a solo vacation to the happiest place on Earth. But soon after, as In Touch noted, she posted a video that showed several of the family kids, including Janelle and Kody’s son Gabriel and Robyn and Kody’s daughter Breanna. Some of the other kids in the extended family could also be seen in the background.

The whole family seems to have gone to Disney

Meri’s fellow sister wife Christine also documented the family’s vacation, sharing a photo of her daughters posing with Mickey, writing “Iconic Mickey photo! Thanks @disneyland for a wonderful day.”

Wife Janelle didn’t share any Disney pics, but she did post a photo of herself picking up trash on Huntington City Beach, not far from the Disney parks in Anaheim.

Several people on Instagram said that they had seen the family — including husband Kody — in the park, with a few even noting that they’d stopped to take a picture with the reality TV stars. It certainly seems like the entire Brown gang decided to head to California for a little fun in the sun.

Why some think there’s tension in the Brown household

While Meri and the rest of the Brown family were all smiles on their trip to Disneyland, there have been rumors in the past that the adults in the family aren’t getting along. In May, Meri shared a post on Instagram decrying selfish women, which some took as a slam against the other women in her family.

And it’s not just her sister wives who Meri has been rumored to have a rocky relationship with. One of Meri’s former friends has alleged that the mom of one is actively dating. Supposedly, Meri has grown tired of her complicated family and has decided to ditch Kody, Roby, Janelle, and Christine and strike out on her own.

Another sign that things aren’t going well in this Mormon family? Meri’s business ventures. Not only has she opened her own business, a bed and breakfast in Parowan, Utah, without the support of the other Browns, but she recently went on a Caribbean cruise for the top sellers of LuLaRoe, a multi-level marketing company. Christine was also on the cruise, but even though Meri documented her trip extensively on social media, there was no sign she spent any time with Christine.   

Still, despite some signs that things might be tense, there are other indications that the family is carrying on as usual. Aside from the trip to Disney, Kody and all four of his wives enjoyed a nice dinner in Sedona, Arizona, to celebrate Janelle’s 50th birthday in early May. Everyone was all smiles around the table, suggesting that rumors of a serious family feud are just that — rumors.

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