Meghan presented herself as ‘naive’ but she changed after, says expert

Meghan presented herself as ‘naive’ but she changed after, says expert


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Body language expert Jesus Enrique Rosas analysed how Meghan Markle’s body language has changed since she married Prince Harry. The expert studied the time Meghan and Harry visited a radio station in January 2018 on his Youtube channel, The Body Language Guy.

The body language expert claimed that Meghan’s body language “changes depending on the situation” and “the people she is surrounded by”.

Jesus Enrique opined that the Duchess of Sussex presented herself differently before getting married, which can be observed during an official engagement in 2018.

Harry and Meghan visited a radio station in Brixton, south London, four months before getting married and the body language guru claimed that her non-verbal communication is “so much different to what we have been seeing after they got married”.

He said: “I thought there’s something different here, this is not how they always look in other situations.

“When you spot something different, you always have to look at the context, the moment,” he explained.

He commented that in these pictures, the Duchess of Sussex’s elbows are “really close to her body”.

Meghan can also be seen grabbing her hands which suggests “she is a bit insecure or nervous,” the expert added.

In another photo, she can be seen touching her lips and covering her mouth and that is “one of the first parts of the body language that I thought was a bit off,” Jesus Enrique commented.

“She is also trying to mute a smile, something I have never seen her doing. I’ve never seen these signals before.

“Pressing her lips, she is tense in her lower eyelid. You tense your eyelids when you want to show you are delighted about something,” the body language guru explained.

Similarly, Meghan keeps her arms “very close to her body” and adopts a pose “trying to be cute, naive and innocent,” the body language guru claimed.

“It’s not wrong that a woman wants to project feminity or look cute,” he added but wondered: “What happened, what changed?”

After the royal wedding in May 2018, the Duchess of Sussex’s body language changed and she projected another image, a more “powerful and confident” Meghan, according to the expert.

In terms of the outfit, the expert claimed that the choice of colour was also premeditated and the Duchess opted for the “lightest beige she could find to convey that innocence”.

Social media users took to the comments section to share their thoughts with many saying that she tried to look “humble and innocent” at the beginning, but that soon changed.

B Rae commented: “I remember Meghan Markle’s first public events and appearances with Harry. She played the innocent very well.

“She was acting so innocent in those days – nothing like her previous red carpet appearances where she looked confident and posing like there was no tomorrow.”

The social media user claimed that after her wedding, “she was dominating” all the events and appearances and “she made herself the centre of attention at every opportunity”.

“It was clear she was just acting like the innocent and naive girlfriend in those early days, acting like she was so overwhelmed with the public adulation.

“To then after the wedding, taking the dominant role and pushing in front of Harry, walking ahead of him, racing to shake hands first with dignitaries,” they opined.

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