Meghan Markle views herself as a Queen, astrologer claims

Meghan Markle views herself as a Queen, astrologer claims


Meghan Markle will not attend the Coronation of King Charles III today and holds the royal title of Duchess of Sussex. However, according to Princess Diana’s former astrologer, the 41-year-old still “sees herself as a Queen” based on her zodiac sign. Born on August 4, the former Duchess identifies as a Leo in Western astrology.

Debbie Frank was a close friend and confidant of Princess Diana and spent years guiding her through some of the toughest years.

Now, sharing her astrological forecast for Meghan, Debbie has revealed that more turbulence could be on the way.

She claimed that while the former Duchess is no longer part of the Royal Family, her fiery Leo star sign suggests she could view herself as a ruler nonetheless.

The astrologer told The Sun: “Meghan is a sun-sign Leo, the royal sign. Even if she’s bowed out of royal duties she definitely sees herself as a Queen.”

Based on her horoscope, Debbie predicted that Meghan will soon launch new initiatives that are “very different” to anything she has done before.

But while little is known about exactly what the mother-of-two will embark on, the astrologer suggested that it’s her trademark Leo traits that will drive her confidence to take new steps.

According to Western astrology, Leo traits include being confident, and comfortable being the centre of attention.

They are also fiercely protective of their nearest and dearest, generous, and big-hearted.

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While being born under a Leo sun can influence people’s personal traits, Debbie noted that there is something particularly special about the current celestial alignment.

She said: “Within days of the Coronation me-first Mars crosses Meghan’s Cancerian ascendant and we can expect a new initiative or broad-side coming from Montecito.

“As Uranus edges closer to her Chiron this summer she will look to launch a raft of new charity works and big brand team efforts that will be seen as radically different from anything she has been doing up until now.”

However, Venus’s influence later this year could cast a shadow on unresolved family issues.

Debbie said: “Venus standing still on her Leo sun late August to early September will draw her back to family issues that need to be resolved and re-thought.”

The royal astrologer first started working with Princess Diana in February 1989 and has also revealed Prince Harry’s forecast – suggesting he could face a “mid-life crisis”.

Debbie concluded “Virgo Prince Harry is entering into the astrological mid-life crisis zone with Pluto in conflict with his natal Pluto. This signifies upheavals and changes in life direction.”

And according to the astrology expert, this change could very well be rooted in straying even further from his family.

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