McDonald’s worker storms off saying ‘you’re not my mum’ after getting fired

McDonald’s worker storms off saying ‘you’re not my mum’ after getting fired


A McDonald's worker left viewers howling when he filmed his boss firing him at work.

Laith, who worked at the fast food restaurant, posted the footage on TikTok and it's since gone viral.

In the clip, the teen was stopped by the till as manager Gina told him: "You are done, you are done with work.

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"You no longer work here since yesterday when I told you you do not have to come back.

"You were terminated because of your mouth and your attitude."

"I was just talking," he quickly chimed in.

But Gina stopped him and continued: "First, no you were not just talking to me and because of this right there [you are filming], that's why you are not working sweetie.

"When I was speaking to you yesterday, I continuously told you that you needed to put your phone on the desk and you did not."

Laith got fed up and shouted at Gina while being escorted by a senior co-worker, saying: "You're not my mum, you don't need to talk to me like that.

"You don't need to have my phone taken away. I don't need this attitude from somebody, I'm not doing that."

Gina gave him a last piece of advice, explaining: "But you know that, though? This is your job, sir. You are not at home and you are not at school, so have a good day."

Laith left the restaurant in rage and yelled back: "And you are not my mum, and you're not my teachers, so don't talk to me."

He later explained in his car that he was only on the phone when he was at the drive-thru windows, adding: "There was no cars and I had nothing to do.

"So I started using my phone because I was bored, then she yelled at me telling me to put my phone in the office."

But viewers stood by the manager's decision, telling Laith: "It's a job, you don't get to do what you want."

"You need to learn some respect, she did great," a second shared and a third: "I'm 100% on the manager's side."


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