Martin Lewis shares important warning for Tesco Clubcard users – ‘be quick’

Martin Lewis shares important warning for Tesco Clubcard users – ‘be quick’


Martin Lewis provides Tesco customers with Clubcard advice

Martin Lewis shared his latest tips while on ITV’s The Martin Lewis Money Show: Live. He gave a warning for shoppers with a Tesco Clubcard.

Tesco Clubcards are a great way for shoppers to earn while they save.

Those with a card can earn one point for every £1 they spend, or one point for every £2 spent on fuel at Tesco.

The points can be exchanged for vouchers with 150 points being equivalent to £1.50.

Points are usually valid for two years from when they are earned.

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They can be exchanged for vouchers to use in Tesco stores as well as for discounts at the retailer’s partner brands.

Martin spoke about how Clubcard customers could get more for their money with vouchers.

He revealed Clubcard points are worth three times as much with some partners.

The expert commented: “Good value Tesco rewards at the moment in lockdown including magazine subscriptions [such as] Grazia, Gardeners World and Good Housekeeping.

“The magazines subscriptions are worth three times [the points] value. You can get a railcard too.”

As well as cashing in on some great deals, Martin also shared a warning for customers.

He stated some brands will no longer be available through the Clubcard scheme.

The partnerships with International Airlines Group and it’s Avios rewards and NOW TV will be coming to an end within days.

Martin said: “Tesco Clubcard is getting rid of Avios and NOW TV rewards.

“Clubcard users will know 50 points is worth 50 pence in store when you redeem it that way.

“But you can get up to three times that on Clubcard rewards.”

British Airways

Martin continued: “To get BA Avios which is popular you’ll need to convert them by next Monday, it’s very soon.”

Tesco shoppers have until January 18 to use their vouchers with the provider.


“For NOW TV, also popular, you’ve got a couple of weeks,” the expert added.

“Fifty points there is worth £1.50 in credit. That’s on the vouchers you’ve already got.

“If you’ve earned points but not got the vouchers you can go on the website, click ‘Faster Vouchers’ and you can redeem them now.

“But you’re going to have to be quick to convert those into those which are missing.”

Clubcard holders can currently use vouchers towards NOW TV passes.

These include Sky Cinema Pass, Entertainment Pass, Sky Sports Pass, Kids Pass or Hayu Pass.

From January 31, however, customers will no longer be able to do so as the partnership comes to an end. 

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