Man accuses sister of making him and five kids ‘homeless’ after cheating row

Man accuses sister of making him and five kids ‘homeless’ after cheating row


A man has accused his sister of making him and his five children homeless following a bitter cheating row.

His sister, based in the USA, took to Reddit to explain that he had left his wife for a woman with five children and wanted to live with them.

After failing to negotiate a situation whereby he could live in his sister’s grandmother’s house, he accused his sister of leaving him and his five stepchildren homeless.

His sister took to Reddit to see whether she was right not to let him stay in the building.

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She said: “So my grandmother left me behind her house when she passed a couple of years ago along with some inheritance. I was living in another state going to school so I just rented it out to some college students since it’s right next to a college town. 

“When I left to go to school, my brother was in a relationship with his long-term girlfriend. I and her are really close, my mother wasn’t into makeup or haircare/skincare so she taught me everything I know.

“She stood by my brother when he was robbed and stabbed and was his caretaker during that entire period. They have two sons together. It ended badly recently, he cheated on her with a woman who has five kids and is now living with her.

“He left my SIL (they were common law married) in the dust since she was a SAHM. I am her guarantor on her apartment since she can’t afford to make three times the rent but she found a job that she can afford her rent with.”

The woman added: “He called me recently crying saying their rent went up 500 dollars and he can’t afford it and he drove by my grandma’s house and saw it’s getting maintenance work done and it’s empty so can he please live there once everything is done with his “family” since otherwise they’ll be homeless in his car.

“Might I add, we are half-siblings so my grandma that left me the house isn’t his. We have the same mother and different fathers.

“I told him to be so serious and that I would never allow his so-called “family” to live there and that I’m planning to sell it since the value on it is higher than ever now and to go see his BIO kids who are the real family that he abandoned.”

The woman added that after this conversation the man said he couldn’t believe that she’d rather sell the house than sell to him.

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She added that he said she was “evil for watching five kids be homeless in a car and to stop choosing his ex over him since he’s my brother and he knows I helped his ex get her apartment so Im a huge asshole for not helping his “kids” and I’m their aunt”.

Following her post on the social media platform, the woman received a lot of support from sympathetic users.

One person wrote: “You are going to sell the house – it’s not available to rent. And you are literally supporting his kids. He’s apparently forgotten which children those are.”

Another person said: “Your brother got himself into this situation. He needs to grow up and get himself out of it. You don’t owe him or his mistress anything.”

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