Makeup artist reveals how YOU can get red carpet glam in five minutes

Makeup artist reveals how YOU can get red carpet glam in five minutes


Celebrity makeup artist reveals how YOU can achieve red carpet glam in five minutes – including blending bronzer on to the eyelids for warmth and fluff eyebrows with clear soap

  • Lo Dias, 28, who lives in London, has shared hacks she’s acquired in the industry
  • Has worked with celebrity clients including Vicky Pattison and Olivia Bowen
  • Her tips include putting a maximum two products on the skin before your base

A makeup artist has revealed how you can achieve an A-list look and get red carpet glam in just five minutes. 

Lo Dias, 28, who is originally from Newcastle, has 10 years’ experience in the industry, and has gone from working on the counter for brands such as MAC Cosmetics and Urban Decay, to now living in London full-time and working freelance across TV, magazines and campaign shoots.

She’s also covered red carpet events for celebrity clients such as Vicky Pattison and Olivia Bowen – and often shares her makeup knowledge through tutorials on her Instagram. 

The two main areas she’s always asked about are how to create an effective makeup look fast, and how to help makeup last all day – and the professional has exclusively revealed to FEMAIL the tips she’s acquired to help with both.

Lo Dias, 28, who is originally from Newcastle but now lives in London, has revealed how to get red carpet ready in just five minutes


When a client of mine is appearing on live TV, I usually have an hour to get them glam-ready, but schedules chop and change so the time can sometimes be cut to just 15 minutes if a slot is brought forward.

Luckily, I’m well experienced in this area so I know how to use the time effectively. My go-to look is a simple good base and brow, then I quickly put some life back into the face using just a few products to save time. 

I take a bronzer under the cheek bones to give a little shape, dust it around the forehead and lightly down the nose and chin to warm up the face – my usual go to is NARS Laguna for light to medium skin tones, or NARS pressed powders in deeper shades for deeper skin tones. 

I then use my favourite trick of blending the bronzer onto the eyelid and crease of the eye and a little in a lower lash line for some quick warmth and definition to the eyes, which takes seconds but makes an impact. 

Next, I take a little bit of powder highlight over the cheek bones, centre of the nose, inner corners of the eyes and brow bone to bring back some glow and give a bright-eyed look. 

My go-to for lipstick is a nude with a pinch of colour – either pink or peach, depending on what suits. Then I pop on mascara and the look is complete in just 5-10 minutes.

Lo Dias (pictured), 28, originally from Newcastle, who now lives in London, has shared her tips on how to get red carpet ready in five minutes

However, for TV appearances, there usually needs to be a bit more definition, so I’ll go in with a nude lip liner on the lips and a light fluffy lash to open up the eyes.  

I also use clear soap to fluff the eyebrows up, as it’s quick and impactful.

Another red carpet hack I use on a lot of my clients when they have up-do’s is to apply brow powder in a similar colour to their roots to their hairline to even it out.

I then make it look fuller with a fluffy shadow brush. 


The first thing I would say about your makeup lasting is you need to look after your skin. The better condition your skin is in the better your makeup will apply – and the longer it will last.

I’ll often have clients who have absolutely zero skincare routine who wonder why they can’t make their products work for them or get longevity out of the wear. 

As a makeup artist I have basic skincare knowledge, but would always advise seeing a skincare expert in your local beauty hall or a dermatologist for any problems that are harder to tackle.


Look at what you’re using under your foundation. If you’re using multiple moisturisers and primers you could actually be doing more harm than good.

It could mean you’re layering too much on the skin for the makeup to stick and stay in place. You need a moisturiser that is hydrating but not greasy. 


If you do find your skin to be super greasy, then using a mattifying primer just where you really need it, such as the T-zone, is still fine.

For those who are a little more dry and dull, I love to use a touch of the Laura Mercier radiance primer to put a little more glow in the skin, but I would put maximum two products on the skin before your base.


Pressing smaller amounts of product into the skin and building coverage in layers with a good dense buffing brush will give you the best results, rather than trying to rub in loads of product at once.

 The professional makeup artist also advised making your lipstick last longer by applying a long-wear lip liner not just on the lip line, but all over the lip, too. Pictured, stock image

I would then advise taking a small amount of translucent setting powder onto a damp beauty blender and gently pressing it into the skin. 

When I was first told to do this I thought it would look really cakey, but I was wrong and the combination of the damp sponge and the powder seem to really seal in the makeup.

If you prefer to look a little more dewy, only do it on the areas that will really need it such as the under eye and T-zone, and for those face touchers out there, wherever you touch your face the most (for most people it’s their chin and their nose!)

I don’t believe setting sprays are the be all and end all of makeup longevity, but they can help make heavier makeup look a little more natural.  


For longer lasting eye makeup, I always advise a good base for the shadow to stick to, such as the MAC Cosmetics paint pots. 

They do them in neutral shades for a nude base or in colours and metallics and for those with watery or greasy eyes who love a bit of pencil or gel liner, try setting the liner with an eyeshadow in a similar shade. 

My eyes are a little hooded and this was one of my favourite tricks I learned to stop my eyeliner transferring.


If you’re trying to make your lipstick last a little longer, try applying a long-wear lip liner in the same shade, not just on the lip line but all over the lip. It always helps give an extra level of coverage and longevity. 

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