Long-suffering tenants share their renting horror stories

Long-suffering tenants share their renting horror stories


Landlords from hell! Horrified tenants share photos of their disastrous rental properties – from a resident slug called ‘Slimon’ to a rat-infested kitchen

  • New BBC Three show Rent Like A Boss speaks to young renters across Britain
  • Features segment where people share horrendous past experiences with renting
  • One reveals their landlord refused to address a rodent infestation despite their being a dead rat under the floorboards which was causing a terrible smell

Rodent infestations, holes in the ceiling and moudly walls – these are just some of the complaints long-suffering tenants have been forced to put up with while renting a property. 

One revealed they had a bad smell in their bedroom for weeks which they reported to their landlord, only to be told it was a dead rat under the floorboards which he refused to remove.

Another claimed their flat was so damp their clothes were left covered in mould, while one is still finding pieces of fibreglass in her toaster three months after moving out as a result of an enormous hole in her kitchen ceiling. 

Many have their stories told in a new BBC Three documentary – Rent Like A Boss – which provides a new insight into some of the UK’s most widespread renting dilemmas.

In a regular segment in the four-part series, hosts Big V and Tobias – who are estate agents and property experts – read out complaints shared by tenants on Twitter late last year, who used the hashtag Vent Your Rent.

Here FEMAIL shares a selection of the most horrifying – including one Briton who discovered a rat had eaten through the back of their fridge… 

This horrified tenant had a rat actually gnaw its way through her fridge – and claims the landlord refused to fix it or deal with the rodent infestation

Rent Like a Boss is available to watch on the BBC iPlayer from October 18.

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