‘Kate Plus Date’: Kate Gosselin Freaks Out When Her Date Introduces Her To His Mom

‘Kate Plus Date’: Kate Gosselin Freaks Out When Her Date Introduces Her To His Mom


Kate Gosselin’s eighth date becomes super awkward during the July 1 episode of ‘Kate Plus Date’, when she’s introduced to her newest suitor’s mom.

Kate Gosselin‘s had her fair share of bad dates over the past few weeks on her new reality show, but the July 1 episode of Kate Plus Date might be the most awkward one yet! And that’s because her newest suitor, Joey, introduces Kate to his mom during their very first hangout. “Meeting the mother already?” Kate asks Joey after they walk into his family’s cafe. And during a private confessional, Kate freaks out even more. “Whoa! Hold on. We’re meeting mom already?”

Even Kate’s new matchmaker and daughters agree with the awkwardness of meeting someone’s mom so soon. “Oh my God. She met his mom on a first date,” Kate’s matchmaker says, while Mady adds, “No, you should not bring your mom to your first date.” Kate then tries justifying it by acknowledging that Joey’s mom just happens to work at his cafe. “I had to answer myself and be like, ‘Get a hold of yourself. He owns this place and his mom works here with him.’” Sure, Kate. Sure.

Anyway, after the initial shock of meeting mom wore off, Kate helps Joey make the “easiest cake” ever. It’s a family recipe and originates from the north of Portugal. Basically, it’s a “cookie cake”, but Joey refuses to give Kate the recipe “just yet”. Apparently, it’s “top secret” and he’d rather wait to see if they take their relationship farther before he shares his family’s secret. But Kate gets hung up on how young Joey is, so we’re not too sure she’ll ever learn the family’s secret recipe, if you know what we mean.

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