Kate Middleton’s body language signals ‘she is getting training’ to boost ‘confidence’

Kate Middleton’s body language signals ‘she is getting training’ to boost ‘confidence’


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Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, has perfected the art of solo speeches throughout her years as a Royal Family member. Throughout the coronavirus crisis this year, the Duchess has transferred her skills to online, and has appeared in many virtual videos. One body language expert has shared how Kate’s confidence has grown since she married Prince William in 2011.

The Duchess and Prince William started dating each other at university.

The couple have been together ever since and now have three royal children together, Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis, two. 

Kate now works alongside many charities and now has 19 patronages in total, including hospitals, galleries and museums. 

The royal will often post videos on their official Instagram account thanking people all over the country. 

Her most recent appearance on their Instagram page featured the Duchess thanking those who took part in her photography project. 

The Duchess launched the Hold Still community photography project back in May, which invited people of all ages, from across the country to submit a photographic portrait which they had taken whilst being in lockdown.

Analysing her body language, expert Judi James explained how her confidence has grown over the years in the Royal Family.

She said: “Kate’s straight-to-screen presentations are currently skilled enough to be analysed professionally rather than being viewed as a royal doing her best. 

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“She looks far more self-aware here, suggesting she is getting training for some of these solo appearances and from her body language and her delivery here it looks as though any coaching she’s had has definitely paid off. 

“When she first made speeches she appeared to be in the avoidance stage of coaching, where people are often just told what not to do, but here she shows signs of making positive improvements to hone her performances rather than just avoiding any mistakes.”

The Duchess has appeared at lots of royal events and engagements, which could have boosted her confidence because she has gained experience. 

The expert also explained that Kate’s upright posture and her shoulders pressed down is a technique used to release any tension in the shoulder muscles.

She said: “[This] can contract when a speaker is under pressure, creating a hunched effect.

“Kate also stands with an upturned V-shaped gap under her armpits and, like the shoulder technique, this gapping technique helps prevent any self-diminishing or self-hugging rituals (Which Kate will often be seen using) and create a look of assertive confidence.

“It also means Kate can use hand gestures easily and naturally to add emphasis to her words. She also uses rounded cheeks to an authentic-looking half-smile and her eye-engage with the camera is excellent, giving the impression she is talking to her audience face-to-face.”

The Duchess, who often uses hand gestures makes her seem more at ease and relaxed while speaking to the camera. 

Judi continued: “But it’s not just Kate’s hand gestures that work well here. Like a lot of presenters she uses some body-judders to add emphasis as well as employing her mouth, stretching her lips out to the side to underline the word ‘each’.

“It’s at the end of a presentation that many speakers go wrong, falling into the trap of denial gestures like eye-rolling or grimacing to suggest a lack of confidence. 

“Kate smiles before almost holding the pose with a lip-clamp, although that expression does fall very slightly in a micro-act of uncertainty.”

The body language expert added that Kate needs to learn the skill of finishing a presentation without looking rigid or unnatural.

This may come as the Duchess stops speaking as she has nothing left to say, leaving her in an area of uncertainty. 

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