Kardashians, Taylor Swift, Chrissy Teigen send love to woman with cystic fibrosis

Kardashians, Taylor Swift, Chrissy Teigen send love to woman with cystic fibrosis


It’s been a whirlwind week for one young woman. She’s heard from pretty much every A-list celebrity you can think of, from the Kardashian sisters to the Jonas brothers to President Trump.

Annie McMahon, 22, was born with cystic fibrosis, a disorder that causes severe damage to the lungs. She’s had two double lung transplants and is too sick for a third. Two weeks ago, she was given 48 hours to live.

But then something amazing happened. It was the love of friends, the power of social media and, as McMahon told “GMA,” the way “happiness can work as a kind of medication.”

Her friends tweeted out a video from her hospital room of her dancing to the Taylor Swift song “You Belong With Me” and tagged the singer. Soon after, Swift called Annie on the phone.

“I was so nervous, I’ve never talked to someone famous before,” McMahon said. “But she was so nice. We laughed and cried and she said she was going to make a special plan to meet me.”

McMahon said that when she found out she was too sick for a third lung transplant, she “was so sad about all the things I would miss. Some big things, like my sisters’ weddings,” she said. “But I said to my friends I was devastated I wouldn’t get to hear Taylor Swift’s new album. I’m the kind of person who stays up till midnight to watch [just-released] videos and buy merch. Once, I got a new Taylor Swift autograph because I stayed up till midnight to buy one. It sold out in like, two minutes, but I got one.”

Since the video caught Swift’s eye, McMahon’s story has snowballed with celebrities calling, Face Timing and sending videos. Chrissy Teigen came to her house for a visit and brought doughnuts. The Zac Brown Band sang “Sweet Annie” for her. Coldplay’s Chris Martin wrote and performed a song for her.

“I can’t believe how many people have taken the time to reach out to me,” she said. “It’s lifted my spirits so much.”

“I’ve spent my whole life fighting”

Annie was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at 1-and-a-half years old, her father, John McMahon, told “GMA.”

“We were told not to worry about saving for college,” he said. At the time, doctors expected Annie to live until about 18 years old.

“Automatically your mind goes to let’s find a cure,” he said.

The family has raised more than $2 million, McMahon said, primarily through a polar bear plunge they’ve been holding in Breezy Point, New York, for the last 19 years. The money goes toward the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Other donations have gone to help with the cost of Annie’s transplants and other organ recipients.

“I’ve spent my whole life fighting. Fighting for my life,” she said. “Fighting for a cure. Fighting for organ transplants. And all of a sudden it was just over.”

She has raised awareness about cystic fibrosis and traveled to schools to speak about the importance of organ donation.

“They’re very hard to get, especially lungs,” her dad said. “It’s hard because you have to be sick enough to need a transplant but well enough to receive it.”

McMahon has left the hospital and is now at home in Yonkers with her friends and family by her side and nurses caring for her. “She’s scared of falling asleep and not waking up,” John McMahon said. “We stay by her bedside.”

“Maybe I can have a voice and show people what life is about”

Right now, Annie is focused on spreading her message of “cherish every moment.”

She said, “Now maybe I can have a voice and show people what life is about. It’s about being with your friends and family. I really hope I can show people that there’s happiness and kindness in this world.”

It’s something McMahon been doing her whole life.

“She’s always been a good friend and there for people in need,” John McMahon said. “Now people want to be there for her.”

That includes the many celebrities who have heard and been inspired by her story.

“I can’t believe all these people taking the time out of their day to send me these well wishes,” she said. “There are so many bad things in the world but there’s a light too.”

McMahon’s friend, Caroline Finn, has been at the forefront of reaching out to celebrities on social media to have them send McMahon well wishes. “It’s so cool to see how it’s become a movement,” she told “GMA.”

The future is uncertain, and while she says she won’t get better, McMahon said she’s hoping to not get worse.

“I maybe have a few weeks, maybe a month, I’m not sure,” she said. “But I can’t die now. Not before I meet Taylor Swift.”

Here are some of Annie McMahon’s favorite celebrities who have reached out to her:

Kim Kardashian West and North West

Jonas Brothers

Chris Martin

Billie Eilish

Selena Gomez


Hugh Jackman

Whoopi Goldberg

Rainn Wilson

Chris Harrison

Zac Brown Band

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