Justin Bieber to collaborate with K-pop superstars BTS on new song

Justin Bieber to collaborate with K-pop superstars BTS on new song


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A thermonuclear pop-bomb is about to go off, it seems.

Two luminaries of teen pop — Justin Bieber and K-pop superstars BTS — are collaborating on a new song, a source exclusively tells Page Six.

“They are taking their time on it and going to make sure it is released right,” says the source.

Our insider speculates that the track “could be part of a deluxe release of [Bieber’s recently released album] ‘Justice’ to keep the album on the charts.” (It would be the record’s second re-release, following the “Triple Chucks Deluxe” edition.)

The collaboration seems to be the result of a merger between the artists’ respective record companies.

Earlier this month, the boy band’s record label, Hybe — formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment — bought Scooter Braun’s Ithaca Holdings for a reported $1 billion. Braun, whose roster also includes Arianna Grande, Demi Lovato and J Balvin, will join the board as part of the deal, reported Deadline.

In a YouTube video posted by Hybe earlier this month about the deal, BTS’ members said they hope to “grow and share positive influence with all the artists” in Braun’s stable.

The “Dynamite” singers are avowed Beliebers, having named Bieber as a musical influence in past interviews.

Bieber, 27, has returned the love, doing a voiceover for a segment on “E! News” in 2020, saying, “If anyone knows how to make history, it’s BTS. The K-pop group has been shattering records across the global music industry. From ringing in the new year in Times Square to ‘Carpool Karaoke’ with James Corden, they performed in Grand Central Station for ‘The Tonight Show’ and wowed at this year’s virtual VMAs.”

He also posted a TikTok video of himself lip-syncing to a chant of the group members’ names and wished Jungkook a happy birthday on social media.

The pairing between the two hitmakers was first rumored on Instagram gossip site Deuxmoi.

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