Jammie Holmes Donates Painting to Help Homeless in Detroit

Jammie Holmes Donates Painting to Help Homeless in Detroit


After selling Sam Friedman’s Untitled 2020 painting to benefit NYC Together, Library Street Collective continues its Alliance charity initiative with Dallas-based artist, Jammie Holmes. All the proceeds raised from the sale of Holmes’ painting titled Box Fan Heroes #2 will be donated to the Empowerment Plan — a Detroit-based organization that is spearheading various initiatives to help the homeless includingemployment assistance. Holme’s contribution marks the third iteration in the ongoing Alliance program that sees the gallery team up with leading artists to support charities worldwide.

“I’m happy to donate to the Empowerment Plan because I want to help with a population that America often forgets about, the homeless. They are human and we as a society don’t value them enough, they deserve more dignity than what we currently give them,” said Holmes in a statement. “When we had the Super Bowl in New Orleans the city ran the homeless community out of many city spaces.  If we valued the homeless situation like we value other things in America, like major league sports, we could make a real change. They are human and they deserve more dignity than what we give them.”

Holmes is known for his abstract-meets-figurative paintings that tell the story of contemporary life for Black families living in the deep south. He incorporates text, symbols and objects in his vivid compositions while also referencing old photographs from home and scenes from his personal experiences.

In regards to the Alliance project, Library Street Collective expressed: “At a time when there is such an unprecedented need across the country to fund activist and community groups, meal programs, healthcare and shelter—as well as countless other initiatives—we have been energized by the number of artists who have offered their time and work to help causes that resonate with them. We hope that collectors who engage with these works will keep this spirit of generosity in mind, knowing that as they bid they are receiving a work of art that is a catalyst for change.”

Bids for Jammie Holme’s painting will be accepted from August 10 through August 14 at 9 PM EST. Head to Library Street Collective’s website to learn more.

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