Jake Paul Says Dana White Is "Ducking" His Conor McGregor Fight Offer

Jake Paul Says Dana White Is "Ducking" His Conor McGregor Fight Offer


Jake Paul is accusing UFC head honcho Dana White of “ducking” his offer to spar with UFC featherweight and lightweight champion Conor McGregor. The Youtuber-Turned boxer says he is willing to make the jump from boxing to MMA—but he wants White to increase minimum fighter pay if he wins.

When asked if he had heard back from White or the UFC about a potential match, The Problem Child told TMZ Sports, “not as of yet.”

He continued: “Dana keeps going on interviews, he went on my brother’s podcast, and he seems to be ducking the whole entire thing. He doesn’t realize that Conor and I weigh the exact same right now, Conor is walking around at 190 – and I’m willing to do the fight in MMA.”

Paul’s offer is clear—he wants White to increase the minimum payouts for fighters from $12,000 to show and $12,000 to win to a flat payout of $50,000. He said that he is even willing to put his purse on the line to make it happen.

“This is about making a change,” Paul said. “That’s what Conor hasn’t ever done—he’s always been selfish. The fighter pay needs to increase, so I’ve said that if I win, then Dana has to increase the minimum fighter pay. If I lose, then they can take the money and do whatever.”

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White isn’t eager to accept that deal, and Paul thinks it’s because the UFC boss knows that he will win. As far as White is concerned, he claims that he has the “most successful combat sports business of all time,” and that what the UFC does is “different” from what Paul and his brother are doing.

The Problem Child insists that he would win the potential match, citing McGregor’s broken leg and physical “downward spiral.” In fact, he thinks he can knock him out in the first round.

“I can beat Conor,” Jake said. “I believe in myself and Conor is on a downhill spiral, his limbs are all broken, in the stand-up game I’m knocking him out first round.”

Last year, Paul made $40 million from his boxing career. The athlete has used his platform to call for pay increases for UFC fighters.

Source: TMZ Sports, Mirror

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