Inside Married At First Sight Australia star Tamara Joy’s stunning Gold Coast home with pink bedroom and neon light

Inside Married At First Sight Australia star Tamara Joy’s stunning Gold Coast home with pink bedroom and neon light


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Married at First Australia is the telly fix making 2021 bearable and the on-screen drama has been easing the lockdown blues with every episode.

The series currently showing on E4 was filmed and aired in Australia in 2019, so we've wondered what happened to the show's participants after filming ended.

Dan Webb and Tamara Joy, 31, were latecomers to the show, arriving in episode four of the hit series to replace the two couples who exited the series early.

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Viewers of the show were left stunned when Dan embarked on an affair with Jessika Power behind Tamara’s back.

With Tamara failing to find love on the show, let’s take a look at the gorgeous Queensland home the influencer now lives in as a singleton…

Tamara recently announced that she had relocated from Melbourne to the Gold Coast for more opportunities following the programme.

The stunning brunette wrote on social media: “Turned my back on Melbourne to focus on bigger and better things, sorry Melbs, you’ll always have a piece of my heart.

"For now though Gold Coast you’re mine! Xoxo.”

And it seems like Tamara is living the dream as she shares regular snaps of her new home, which features a chic white kitchen and plenty of outdoor space to soak up the sun.

Tamara shared a snap of her very pink bedroom which features a circular mirror for selfies and a huge white bed to relax in.

The home also features a very glamorous glass banister staircase, which Tamara shared a racy lingerie snap on.

No home of an influencer would be complete without a neon light spelling out Tamara’s name below a pair of lips.

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Prior to the show, Tamara worked in admin but now she earns a living as an influencer thanks to the platform appearing on the show created for.

Meanwhile Dan is currently dating 24-year-old Amira Marotous.

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