Influencer snaps candid moment on the loo to show ‘real’ side of social media

Influencer snaps candid moment on the loo to show ‘real’ side of social media


Body positive influencer Karina Irby has shared some candid snaps of herself after she claimed we only see ‘one side’ of someone on social media.

The Australian beauty is certainly a breath of fresh air when it comes to the online world.

Instead of editing out ‘flaws’ and being constantly preened to ‘perfection’, the influencer likes to show the ‘real’ side of her life to her 1.2million Instagram followers.

And it seems nothing is off bounds for Karina, as she recently shared a snap of herself on the loo.

In the recent post, the blonde babe has revealed 10 photos to show the different moods she goes through, with the first being her sitting on the toilet with a bog roll to hand.

One swipe, and Karina looks totally different.

She had ditched the bathroom background and instead looked sizzling hot as she posed in a busty bikini and white linen trousers.

Another swipe revealed to show Karina emotional with tears on her eyes, as she ditched the makeup and embraced her bare face.

The influencer appeared to have been crying as her skin was slightly red, she donned a baggy Rugrats patterned top in this snap.

Karina posted seven more photos that consisted of happy, pouty and not so pleased expressions.

She captioned the post: “10 Stages of Me.

“Often on socials we only see one side of someone… so I tried to give you 10 different looks and moods of mine.”

The self-love enthusiast asked her followers what mood they could most relate to, she asked: “Which one from 1-10 is most relatable to you currently?”

Inspired by Karina’s candid shots, many people fled to the comments to say what mood they can relate to – and praised the influencer for keeping things ‘real’.

One person commented: “You're bloody gorgeous in every single one!”

Another user added: “I love every version, I’m definitely feeling 7 today!”

Whilst a third fan praised: “You're amazing! Keep showing all side.”

Someone else shared: “I'm so grateful for your account at my lowest times u make everything normal.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person expressed: “You're literally so amazing. Thanks for being real.”

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