Influencer posts seriously sexy bikini pic online – but fans spot problem

Influencer posts seriously sexy bikini pic online – but fans spot problem


It's no secret that people edit and filter photographs they share on social media.

People make the odd tweaks here and there to alter lighting and enhance certain features – but one South Korean influencer has been called out for her alleged "highly edited" pictures.

Shashaeile has more than half a million followers on Instagram, where she often posts content to promote her fashion business.

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But her latest posts have left people a little concerned – as it's been reported they are heavily Photoshopped.

The beauty has some pretty unnatural-looking features – from disproportionally long legs, to a very small head and a sharp V-shaped chin.

In addition she's seen with massive boobs, a teeny waist and a super long neck, which doesn't mirror her natural form.

Since she shared the pictures many people have criticised them – and some also made comments about her appearance.

Many of Shashaeile's followers claimed her posts contain rather warped backgrounds, which may indicate she's tweaked them quite a lot.

One person replied: "She is mother universe herself, the way she warps time and space around her."

Another added: "Look at her bending reality, such a Queen."

As so many people have trolled her, Shashaeile has had to continuously monitor her page as so many people keep commenting on her image.

South Korea carries some of the strictest beauty standards in the world – and certain ideals are considered "beautiful".

Some of these features include having a V-line jaw, pale skin, double eyelids, a thin high nose and a small face.

Many Korean celebs are even known for their small faces, such as actress Kim Tae-hee, Shin Yuna of band Itzy and actor Cha Eun-woo.

Studies show that nearly 25% of women between the ages of 19 and 29 in South Korea have had plastic surgery.

Feminist groups have previously spoken out about some of the "unrealistic beauty standards" the country embodies.

Back in 2022 a well-known cosmetic surgery reality series was axed after so many people criticised it.

The show, called Let Me In, involved people visiting a surgery and explaining why they needed a plastic surgery makeover as they claimed it would better their lives.

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