'I'm obsessed with the colour pink – I even dye my food to match my style'

'I'm obsessed with the colour pink – I even dye my food to match my style'


We all have a favourite colour. But would you dedicate your entire life to it?

Holly Weymouth, 28, has done exactly that. The retail worker from Surrey has always been obsessed with pink. So much so, that she splashed £4,000 on a Barbie-themed wardrobe. 

Not only that, but she dyes her food pink, and will only write with a pink pen and ink.

‘I would say about 90 percent of my wardrobe is pink, and I’ve spent £4,000 working on my collection. My favourite item is an all-pink Zara co-ord,’ she said. 

‘Most of my money goes on pink clothes and accessories, and I’ve probably spent that over five or six years.’ Holly makes use of eBay so she doesn’t have to spend too much money on her pink lifestyle. 

When it comes to penmanship, she refuses to sign any documents unless she can use pink ink. She said: ‘I only use pink pens,’ she said. ‘And by that, I mean the ink has to be pink too, I have one with me that I take everywhere.’

Holly’s love of pink even extends to food. At home, Holly even likes to dye her food pink, holding regular pink tea parties. She said that foods that are pink just taste better to her. 

‘Anything I can dye pink, I will,’ she added. ‘I regularly put food colouring into my pasta sauce, I just prefer food when it’s pink. If I was able to make the world completely pink I think it would be a better place.’

When out and about, Holly will always choose pink related drinks where she can, such as strawberry milkshakes and pink Lucozade.

‘I refuse to use plasters or bandages unless they’re pink, unless it’s a complete emergency. And I have pink nails and lipstick, of course.’

She said she has always loved pink and collected Barbie dolls when she was young. But the elevated passion for (and dedication to) pink happened when she was in her early 20s, when she reconnected with her ‘lost’ childhood. 

Holly was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was five and suffered with the symptoms into her mid-teen years. Having to attend a lot of hospital appointments, she didn’t go to school very often and so was unable to make many friends.

‘I felt like my childhood was robbed from me so I suppose in some way I’m recreating that now,’ she said. ‘My epilepsy was a childhood form that was brought on when I was anxious and stressed, but luckily I’ve had no fits in around eight years now.’

Reconnecting with her inner child through her pink lifestyle, Holly is now in much better health and is able to embrace her passions – something she wasn’t able to do growing up.

‘My family think I’m weird, but they’re used to me. They’re supportive, but they’re all very generic, I’m the kooky one who’s the black sheep of the family,’ she said. 

Now, Holly lives her ‘best life’ paying visits to all-pink locations – such as the bakery Peggy Porsche and EL & N cafe, both in London – in her matching clothes.

Holly is in a long-term relationship, and her boyfriend is involved in her pink lifestyle, helping her find, visit and take photographs for Instagram in those all-important, all-pink locations. 

‘My boyfriend really likes my style thankfully. He’ll go shopping with me and help me pick my outfits, and always buys me pink accessories if he sees something he thinks I’ll like,’ she said.

Holly loves to look online and plan out her outfits so she can find the perfect looks, and loves visiting pink coloured cafes and restaurants to show them off.

And people come up to her all the time – some say they love her doll like look, others find it odd. ‘I do get lots of nasty looks, but also lots of nice comments too.

‘People might think it’s all a bit weird and that it’s a waste of money but my pink life makes me so happy and I know I deserve that,’ she said. 

You can follow Holly’s pink lifestyle on her Instagram @princesspinksugarxo

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