I'm hooked on dating sites since losing my lovely wife 10 years ago | The Sun

I'm hooked on dating sites since losing my lovely wife 10 years ago | The Sun


DEAR DEIDRE: GETTING a wink or a heart emoji from women on some dating sites gives me such a thrill that I know I’m getting hooked on them.

I’m 61 and I lost my lovely wife ten years ago.

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I have a gardening business and I have a computer but I’d only used it for generating my invoices really.

My brother-in-law told me I should try dating again and gave me one site he’d recommended.

Now, I’m on over six of them. It’s costing me money too.

Some of the women on there seem interested.

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However, they are all under 40 which doesn’t seem quite right.

Do you think they might be scam sites?

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DEIDRE SAYS: There are plenty of scam sites around so please do be very careful.

Anyone who is trying to befriend you but then asking for money to visit you or for help are not to be trusted whatsover.

I am sending you my support pack called Love Online to help you keep safe while dating.

Check out Restless (restless.co.uk), a positive website the specialises on making connections for the over-50s, which also includes a dating section.

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