‘I’m a hot lawyer – guys love when I spice up work gear with a cheeky flash’

‘I’m a hot lawyer – guys love when I spice up work gear with a cheeky flash’


A lawyer who's a racy model too has revealed she gets inundated with racy dress-up requests from admirers.

Denise Rocha, who is known as the 'world's hottest lawyer', also makes money selling her sexy snaps and videos online.

And she says she's noticed fans often have a 'fetish' for her career.

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Talking about this to CO Press, the Brazilian beauty said: "When I started to create more content on the internet, I noticed that there is a fetishisation of my profession over there.

"I believe the formal clothing has something to do with that."

She also claims she receives curious requests from her subscribers.

"I've already been asked for a personalised video or photo with clothes that I would wear in the office – but showing part of my panties, bra, or even wearing a men's tie."

Instead of being offended though – Denise says she gets a thrill from these types of requests.

She admits: "I loved it, It was really sexy."

As well as using her lawyer job for content, Denise also said she can actually help admirers with real-life legal problems.

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"Law and my modelling career can be totally related," she said.

"I can help my subscribers legally."

The post comes after Denise said back in March she was on the hunt for an 'intelligent' man to woo her – however, the model claimed 'being hot' holds her back when it comes to dating.

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