I’m a celebrity PT and here’s the 5 tips you need to lose weight and get fit this summer | The Sun

I’m a celebrity PT and here’s the 5 tips you need to lose weight and get fit this summer | The Sun


SUMMER is well and truly here – which means many of us will be bearing our bodies.

While many people might have bundles of confidence when it comes to wearing summer dresses and shorts – others don't.

For some people, getting ready for summer means wearing certain clothes and being happy in the skin your in.

Ultimately, everyone wants to feel good about themselves and celebrity personal trainer Frankie Alvarado is keen to help you do just that.

The Los Angeles PT is a firm favourite with actors like Modern Family's Sarah Hyland and Guess model Estrella Nouri.

Here he reveals hip top five tips on how you can lose weight and be the fittest version of you this summer.

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Frankie, who founded “Peach Gainz” training and booty bands said you should lift weights and do some sort of cardio vascular exercise two times a week.

This could include quickly walking to the shops or even utilising your tins of beans as weights.

He explained: "What lifting weights will do is build muscle to replace fat, the more muscle we have in our body the faster our metabolism speeds up.

"Doing cardio will burn calories to keep you in a caloric deficit to lose weight. "

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One great way to burn fat, Frankie said, is to build muscle.

This way, he explained you will see more toned skin and ultimately look fitter.

He said: "In order to build muscle you must be lifting at least three times a week with a starting phase of eating in a caloric surplus to build the muscle mass then transitioning into a caloric deficit to lose weight."


We all need a balanced diet to stay healthy and Frankie said this is even more important if you're trying to lose weight.

For this, he said you need to be in a calorie deficit.

He explained: "A caloric deficit is eating less then what you burn in a day. 

"This is why we call it a diet, you’re eating cleaner foods (whole foods) that carry less calories.

"Be sure you’re getting all of your protein in because that is what builds your muscle from lifting weights."

Sources of protein come from meats like chicken, fish and beef.

If you're vegetarian you can also get protein from foods like tofu and chickpeas.


Our body already burns a small amount of calories everyday, but in order to lose weight, Frankie said you need to up the amount you do burn.

He said you should try and find ways to burn calories everyday in order to keep yourself from eating over your limit.

"Your main focus in this journey of losing weight and getting fit is your calorie intake.

"In order for you to lose weight your body can’t be eating more then what it burns in a day, which means you need to keep everyday at a deficit. 

"The more consistent you are with keeping your calories in a deficit the sooner results show.

"Building muscle and burn calories is the plan," he added.


Frankie added that if you stay consistent in the gym following your routine whether you’re training 3-5 times a week your body is guaranteed to make a change.

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"You MUST continue to give your body a reason to respond and enough to time transform, your body works like a machine it needs to stay running in order to work.

"Stick to the process and the results are guaranteed," he said.

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