Il Makiage Make-up Review 2021 | The Sun UK

Il Makiage Make-up Review 2021 | The Sun UK


WELCOME to your Il Makiage make-up review – we haven't only tested out the TikTok-famous Woke Up Like This Foundation, we've tried out a whole batch of the NYC-based brand's goodies.

One of the only good things to come out of 2020 was Il Makiage coming to the U.K., and if you're not sure about bringing a new beauty brand to your make-up bag, you just might be after reading our review.

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  • Gorgeous packaging
  • Long-lasting
  • Really accurate colour-match
  • Brushes apply make-up so well


  • Eyeshadow palettes are quite heavy so not hand bag-friendly
  • Lipstick colour could be thicker/ more full bodied
  • Expensive mascara for what it is

Having tested out two eyeshadow palettes, the concealer, brushes, foundation and two lipsticks, we can confidently say you can rely on anything from Il Makiage to be long-lasting and good quality.


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Il Makiage Make-up review: quick summary

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We came for the Woke Up Like This Foundation, and we stayed for everything else. Yes, the TikTok-favourite was flawlessly colour-matched and yes, everything else worked wonders too.

Not only does Il Makiage's extensive colour-match quiz find your foundation, it also matches up the F*ck I'm Flawless concealer – ours was significantly lighter which made us apprehensive at first but it worked wonders for both covering up and contouring.

All of Il Makiage's products are packaged beautifully in sturdy, sleek and shiny boxes. It definitely feels like a luxe brand before even trying anything. Even the lipsticks are printed with an Il Makiage symbol – obsessed.

Il Makiage Woke Up Like This Foundation review

  • Il Makiage Woke Up Like This Flawless Base Foundation, £36 – buy here

After completing the (very detailed) colour-match quiz online, we were really excited to see which shade out of the 50 available would arrive.

We were worried we hadn't answered every question with the correct answer but the most accurate colour ever came through the post – it was seriously the most suited foundation to our skin tone we've ever tried.

Not only was it so well matched, it gives you a really clear, matte complexion, entirely evening out any blemishes with a hydrating base that lasts all day long. The foundation brush applies it beautifully for a really even base.

We wore the F*ck I'm Flawless concealer underneath which gave us amazing results, as one layer of the foundation didn't quite cover up our eye bags or pimples – although it's definitely buildable for a heavier make-up look.

Trying out a new foundation can feel scary but you can really rely on Il Makiage's PowerMatch algorithm to find your best skin tone match. It blew our mind.

Il Makiage F*ck I'm Flawless concealer review

  • Il Makiage F*ck I'm Flawless Multi-use Perfecting Concealer, £24 – buy here

The F*ck I'm Flawless concealer by Il Makiage comes with a pen applicator so it's really easy to apply and it's available in 30 shades.

As the PowerMatch algorithm sent us one slightly lighter than our foundation we were unsure at first, however, it worked wonders on lightening our eye bags, covering up our spots and it's fab for contouring.

The texture is really creamy so we used the concealer brush to evenly apply it as the thick formula definitely needs to be blended.

Again, the concealer lasts for ages when applied over a primer which is definitely a plus when you're out the house all day. It's easy to slip into your handbag too.

We'd go as far to say that the concealer is our favourite Il Makiage product. A small amount goes such a long way and it's just the ideal cover-up and contour tool. The dream.

Il Makiage Icon High Volume & Intense Curl Mascara review

  • Icon High Volume & Intense Curl Mascara, £23 – buy here

Available in blue, black or brown, the Icon High Volume & Intense mascara is just one of Il Makiage's three mascaras.

Ok so, we found it to be quite thick which meant it got clumpy the first time because we applied to much, despite the brush having thin bristles.

Once you realise you only need a small amount for effects, it does the job pretty nicely. We're not sure if we would pay £23 for it, although it's definitely a durable mascara.

We absolutely love the bendy brush too, which allows you to really curl your lashes.

Il Makiage Black Card Lift Curl & Lengthen Mascara

  • Black Card Lift Curl & Lengthen Mascara, £25 – buy here

Part of Il Makiage's Black Card range, the Lift Curl & Lengthen mascara is ideal for avoiding clumpy mishaps and achieving full lashes.

This is our favourite of Il Makiage's mascaras because it's so simple to use, gives each individual eyelash some oomph and isn't flaky at all.

It's likely not flaky because the formula's infused with flaxseed oil, which has a really moisturising effect.

For £25, it's slightly pricier, but we're officially obsessed.

Il Makiage Color Boss Squad eye shadow review

  • Il Makiage Color Boss Squad eyeshadow palette, £33 – buy here

Arriving in gorgeous, Il Makiage-branded palettes, we were so excited to test out the brand's beautiful eyeshadow quads.

They each come with a spacious mirror inside the flip-case which is perfect for touching up on the go, although the palettes are a little heavy for taking out in a small party bag with you (in our opinion).

Each of the four colours inside every palette go together so well for creating ombre looks – we had so much fun creating a gradient smokey eye with the Game Changer palette.

As with everything else from Il Makiage that we tried, the eyeshadows last for ages, whether you apply generously or not. In short, these are quality eyeshadow palettes.

Il Makiage Hypnotize Fill & Fix Brow Shaper review

  • Hypnotize Fill & Fix Brow Shaper, £21 – buy here

Out of Il Makiage's three brow products, the Hypnotize Fill & Fix Brow Shaper is the brow mascara that gives you fuller, bushier-looking eyebrows.

It comes in a really small tube, so we're sceptical about how long this willlast if used daily, but as it's only £21 it's not too bad to replace.

Upon first using this product, we found the colour and texture to be slightly clumpy because we applied it how we're used to applying a brow pen.

You basically have to learn how to use it to avoid clumps – when we stroked it gently following the growth of our eyebrows, it gave a natural, full colour.

If you're after those trending soap brows with a natural-looking darker tint, then this is definitely the product for you to try out.

Il Makiage Lip Slip lipstick review

  • Il Makiage Lip Slip, £19 – buy here

There are 84 (!) shades of Il Makiage's Lip Slip lip colour, ranging from pinks and reds to browns and nudes.

We tested out Pink Lady and Pale Pink, both came in lovely matte cases with branded engraving as a sleek touch.

In terms of the colour, we loved Pink Lady as a darker colour but found that Pale Pink could have been more full-bodied for a longer lasting finish.

We might not shop Il Makiage specifically for the lipsticks, or we'd only opt for darker colours to ensure that they're deeper, bolder colours because the lighter tones didn't hold for as long as we would have liked.

They're quality matte lipsticks though, so if that's what you're after, for £19 you can't go wrong.

Where can I buy Il Makiage?

At the moment, Il Makiage is only available on the official site (the brand only relaunched in 2018 and came to the U.K. in 2020).

We're hoping that it comes to some U.K. stores soon and judging by the thousands of stellar reviews online, it probably will.

Is Il Makiage cruelty free?

Everything by Il Makiage is thankfully 100 per cent cruelty free, as the brand is against animal testing.

Not every product by Il Makiage is vegan, although the foundation is 100 per cent – all the more reason to treat yourself. We love guilt-free beauty.

Does Il Makiage ship to the UK?

Not only does Il Makiage ship to the U.K., they also offer free returns, but standard delivery costs £3.95.

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