‘I took undies off in shop for cheeky stunt – but police ended up at my door’

‘I took undies off in shop for cheeky stunt – but police ended up at my door’


A woman who took her underwear off for a cheeky video revealed how got her rubbing shoulders with the police.

Layla Kelly landed herself a two-year ban from Australian DIY store Bunnings over the stunt.

The blonde bombshell, originally from New Zealand, went viral on TikTok after filming the naughty clip in the store. And it seems like bosses of the retailer weren't happy about it at all.

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Layla, 33, explained on a visit to Bunnings, she and a friend decided to film a social media promo for their spicy channels by making a video which referenced the iconic store.

"I made some TikTok’s with another creator where we pretended to take our underwear off and leave them [in Bunnings] for hardworking tradies (construction workers)…" Layla said.

“While we were in the store no one really seemed to care about the ‘undies incident’… In a different video we took our shoes off and the staff told us that wasn’t allowed, but that was no big deal. We complied and all was fine."

But sure enough, four weeks later after her video had racked up 15million views on TikTok, the police arrived on Layla’s doorstep telling her they had something ‘really serious’ to talk to her about.

“It was about 9pm when they knocked on my door, and my first thought was, sh*t, someone has died.” Layla explained. “But then, they said 'we need to talk to you about a video you made at Bunnings…'"

Explaining exactly what went down, Layla said: “Bunnings saw the video, put two and two together and sent the police over to issue a trespassing warning. The police asked me if we were double layered – which we were of course!

"The video was just made for fun and we took the underwear with us when we left, but apparently that doesn’t matter much because I’m not allowed back!”

Before leaving, Layla was asked to sign several trespass notices, and while the creator had no charges pressed, she has no intention of returning thanks to the hefty fines she’ll have to pay.

Layla also hit headlines at the weekend after one adult star revealed she'd indulged in the 'Hotwifing' trend with him. This is where husbands encourage their wives to hook up with other men.

Apollo, also known as The Apollo Show, said that just last month, Layla filmed her first HotWife experience with him. "And here was the kicker," says Apollo. "Layla has never filmed with anyone else but her husband before, and the whole thing was entirely his idea!"

He says when he met Layla, they were so hot for each other that they didn't even make it up to the room. They instead made a pit stop on a popular Brisbane hotel's fire escape – nearly getting caught in the act.

"We were 'getting to know each other' and suddenly a number of guests burst into the stairwell a floor above us," he said. "We barely got out of there before they saw us."

What a naughty pair!

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